1. My personal favorite is Tamra’s psychic regarding Brooks’ cancer: “I just don’t see it”. Cue MKE doing all the legwork to prove Brooks was a scammer!

  2. In Pixar’s new Lightyear movie, the bad robots have the letter Z on their chests.

  3. My parents live outside of Lancaster, PA and their neighbors are Amish. Buggies going past their house are as common as cars.

  4. I swear by collagen! I had a tumor that caused hair loss and collagen has made my hair so thick again!

  5. I want to send one “With love from America! This is for Apollo Creed!”

  6. Purity Coffee? 🤢 is this the lady that does the coffee enema with her kid laying next to her?

  7. I’ll be the first to jump on snarking but just to clear up information. I drink this coffee and the name purity has nothing to do with religion. The coffee is mold tested and as someone with mold toxicity from a moldy house, I love a company that mold tests coffee! So it’s pure of mold, hence the name.

  8. Phew that makes me feel better! You know these fundies use coffee as their personality 🥴

  9. Totally agree! At least when Sonja falls into her nostalgia holes we get entertainment like: "YOU DON'T TOUCH THE MORGAN LETTERS"

  10. Smokey eye! Updo! Gstaad! She partied with Madonna and John John!

  11. Delaware. I still don’t know why it’s a state just give it to Maryland

  12. Funny you mention this since yesterday was the anniversary of our Separation Day from Pennsylvania. We’re good being our own state.

  13. Right! And this question sounds like it could apply to every season of Teresa.

  14. It reminds me of the hotel we stayed at in DC last week! Sadly I didn’t see any housewives.

  15. What she meant to say was "Porsha's season 10 storyline".

  16. They can be when they are nesting. They may swoop at people if they are near the nest. However, there is very little chance they will harm someone or even actually make contact when doing so.

  17. Are you arriving 8/13? Today was my 60 days. Otherwise it could be that since it’s not technically a Disney resort that you’ll have to come back each day which sucks unfortunately.

  18. Yeah I am. And I think that might be the case, sadly.

  19. Darn! That must be it then. Well I hope you’re still able to get everything you want!

  20. While not exactly the same, I recently watched a ted talk on how bad free shipping + returns is. Even if the item isn't 'used', it probably doesn't end up back in the inventory and probably gets tossed.

  21. I’ve noticed this with Amazon returns recently. On some items they just say keep it and refund the money.

  22. My neighborhood has 100 homes all on an acre or more and we don’t have sidewalks. There is nowhere close to walk to. Definitely need a car here.

  23. Yes! First it was telling me my password was incorrect over and over. It was frustrating! I finally got in and was able to get everything on the days and times I wanted. Now I can’t fall back asleep lol.

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