1. After all this time - I’ve always kinda thought that neither of them even have nipples.

  2. I’m very excited about these upcoming TWDU premieres!

  3. All that’s missing from Teresa’s wedding pics so far - a couple of white tigers.

  4. Her (Stacey included) IG account is full of these type of clips featuring her head, her cleavage and a lot of slow motion with the hand touching hair, lips etc. She posts constantly the same content. Is she limiting her movements because she doesn’t want the filters to glitch?

  5. On a Friday night? Of course I’m high as well

  6. I hope Kim and her hip are also high.

  7. damn imagine what the girls who also do stuff on the side make. 600k + social media is a fuck ton of money

  8. Does Amber make money off IG? She rarely posts anything. Does IG pay for just having followers? She never promotes anything.

  9. If Amber ever loses her MTV job, she’ll be in a rough financial state. The court won’t let her negotiate the arrears or past due fines/fees etc. She could get her ongoing monthly support amount reduced but probably nothing else. Finding employment would be paramount. I don’t ever recall knowing how much support she pays for Leah. Does anyone know if Amber is still enrolled in online college courses?

  10. Cousin Diego needs to step in and help her find some common sense, class and birth control.

  11. The lion dragging the man away looked almost effortless. The amount of strength needed to do that with your mouth is amazing.

  12. “Leave my fucking birthday house!”

  13. I thought their pairing was realistic and flowed. I was hoping it would happen.

  14. I’m guessing they were all out of apple pies?

  15. I listened and watched the clip (what a slit) but was very distracted by her dirty hand. She really should wash up and then go to Lowes, maybe they will give her that “influencer” discount she was asking for? The fuck is that?

  16. OK DimBob, that’s enough out of you…forever.

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