1. You can only comment on someone’s weight if they’re thin because everyone knows thin/skinny people have ZERO feelings and insecurities!!

  2. All I read was that your spouse owes you… use it wisely.

  3. By saying 4-5 rounds do u mean 4 5 pages worth bloodweb that is 25 ads? or 4-5ads

  4. Sorry 4-5 ads! By “rounds” I meant going through the whole blood market and refreshing.

  5. It’s true! I thought it was a glitch when I got 50 cells twice in a row but they’re still on my account so I’m guessing they just don’t care at the moment.

  6. This made me immediately think of those shirts that referenced the “Cake Farts” video where it says “You know what I like the most?” With an image of a cake.

  7. Bruh I find more strange, that once I saw a single mother taking care of like 7 Kids from different fathers, in a medium house. But no, let's make a newspaper article instead of calling police

  8. Omg I’m pretty sure I know who you’re talking about and yeah that was definitely some southern state behavior

  9. I think we’re going to see how huge of an impact “Family vlogging” is going to have on the mental health of the children of these families.

  10. Restart your app mine does that every once in a while

  11. In second grade I distinctively wrote under “what I want to be” that I wanted to be “a star.” For the whole year and throughout elementary school my teacher always referred to me as her “future famous star” and I never understood why she kept saying I was going to be famous when in reality I wanted to be a star in space. Obviously those plans are put on hold at the moment so I’m in dental school studying to be an orthodontist.

  12. Should women be allowed to help decide whether a man should go through a vasectomy?

  13. Great points! I suppose I mis-worded my question and should have clarified that I meant “men” as in the males in heterosexual relationships who’s partner becomes pregnant. You said “whose body is being affected” but what about who’s “life” is being affected? (As in financial, emotional “burdens” that come with parenthood)

  14. Not my kid but my niece that I watch quite frequently entered the “question/crying at the answer” phase and she threw herself on the ground screaming like I was stabbing her all because I wouldn’t let her play with the dog poop in the yard. When I went to clean it up, she bit my leg and screamed/demanded to be able to play with the dogs “slime” he leaves in the yard.

  15. Thank you for your answers, you seem like a very insightful young person. I was wondering what support you had from friends/family/society after your attempts. What did they do that helped you fight your depression?

  16. I cut everyone out of my life except my immediate family. I had no extended family and only a handful of “friends” and found the “friends” relationships to be pointless and destructive to my mentality. My dog is a huge support to me but ultimately I am my biggest support and it works great for me personally.

  17. About how much did it cost? You said expensive, but like $10,000? $20,000? $100,000?

  18. Dating post attempt has not been an issue regarding the scar. It’s just a scar and doesn’t make me look disfigured in any way. That’s all physical though and I have no issues when it comes to finding people to attempt to date. Emotionally I don’t think it’s affected dating either, I’ve been with great people and shitty people but no one has ever made a big deal about my scar or attempt. And for cost it equated about 40K in hospital fees/court fines.

  19. 13 year old me would have ate this up. Back when Jeffree Star made merch I got the “Blunts Bitches and Bath Salts” tank top thinking it was couture fashion. Grown me would cringe seeing an adult wear something like that.

  20. I’ve been trying to find any update and nothing,but I definitely agree. She seemed very controlling. Let me know if you find them

  21. Incredibly controlling. When she’s “voicing her concern” about Kerry going on a date with Alex she completely flipped it and pretty much was saying that she’s practically experiencing “penis envy” and she wants to “screen” this guy yet Diana can have Ed around whenever.

  22. Oregon is great! Which part are you contemplating? Southern/western/central Oregon all have different cultures/climates. That makes it an AMAZING place to explore, but it isn't super homogeneous.

  23. I actually live in the Portland area now but moving down to Phoenix area within a year or so! Oregon has been great and all but I’m ready for that unbearable hot weather and grossly high AC bill!

  24. I’ve said this about 5 times now but I want a BOOGEYMAN season so badly!! Nothing too crazy just an innocent suburban neighborhood where children go missing. AHS casts very talented young actors and aren’t scared to “push it” which makes the show very interesting to watch! I want them to shoot on film again too I think it helped with the aesthetic so much.

  25. How do you get the sexual release needed to avoid “blue balls”?

  26. I’ve been getting at least 50-100 cells in each blood market from the ad boxes! I can’t tell if it’s a glitch or what but they are adding up quickly!

  27. Being a huge fan of goosebumps growing up, I really loved the direction of season 2. I didn’t like all of them but 80% were very good and I would rewatch in a few months. To me they’re suppose to be slightly cheesy but in a more mature way.

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