1. Looks mostly* lab to me, but it’s too early to tell. I wouldn’t be surprised it he was fully lab

  2. I suspected foxhound or possibly coonhound in pics 2 & 3. That's probably a nice mix.

  3. I don’t know how I didn’t see it before I got the results! I was expecting lab / sighthound / super mutt. She is a fantastic dog, just a little stubborn sometimes lol

  4. Exactly 45 pounds, but I think she’ll gain ~5lbs when she fills out completely

  5. I use top entry litter boxes for a few reasons, this is one of them (btw, I love top entry!!). Due to the size/layout of my house it’s not practical for me to have baby gates. My dog is 21 inches at the shoulder and can’t reach all the way into top entry litter boxes. Whether or not this works for you depends on how big your dog will be.

  6. Smart! The breeds I'm looking at are about the same size(at around 22-26 inches for the biggest one) so it could be a potential solution! I have the same issue with size and layout not being optimal for gates, especially since the only room that would be ideal for gating off is my office, which I spend a lot of time in. I'd just feel kinda bad having to leave the dog out!

  7. I actually switched to top entry because my declawed cat (adopted him like that, declawing is 100% evil) had issues using regular boxes. Both of my cats took to them immediately. I placed the new top-entry boxes next to the regular ones and they both naturally explored and started using them. I’ll DM you the boxes I have

  8. Guys, do NOT spend the money. Starbucks will ask for it back. Or, they may not even ask, it will be automatically deducted from your bank account at a later date. It’s not fair because they’re the ones that messed up, but legally, you HAVE to give the money back.

  9. I wish I had been more active in the community since the beginning, every comment with words of support means so much. Thank you. I’ve never had a dog on my own and didn’t realize how difficult one with health/behavior issues can be. It’s been a lesson for sure.

  10. Your vet might suggest an anti-anxiety and appetite stimulant.

  11. I recommend looking at this QOL scale -

  12. Why are you breeding PITBULLS of all dogs. Seriously???

  13. Not necessarily relevant to OP, but this is one reason seeking out cheap neuter/spay options (like offered through county shelters) is risky - they are cheap in part because they don’t do that kind of blood work pre op. Others opt out of this at the vet because they don’t want to pay for it.

  14. Spay/neuter through clinics is associated with higher success rates and lower mortality rates than vets that perform low volume spay/neuter surgeries. They are not “risky.” On top of this, neuter is considered very low risk. The death rate is less than .1%. It is not usually necessary to do blood work on previously healthy animals for a quick, low risk procedure.

  15. TBF the vast majority of these posts are 3 comets and 5 angelfish in a <5gal tank

  16. I know you see yourself with a mid-size dog, but I think chihuahuas or beagles actually check all of your boxes. They are the PERFECT companion dogs for families, loyal + devoted to their people, portable, and easily trainable (yes, chihuahuas are easily trained!!). I grew up (like, birth-20) with 2 chihuahuas. As long as you aren’t getting a micro/teacup chihuahua they are sturdier than they seem.

  17. I wish I had taken more photos and videos and enjoyed her more. I was just sleep deprived and constantly overwhelmed.

  18. Came straight to the comments to say this!!

  19. Personally I would not talk about unions or unionizing while on the clock. Message or talk to your coworkers when you’re not working. I am in a district with a unionized store and if the wrong shift hears what you’re talking about, per Starbucks policy, you’ll be shot dead

  20. Totally depends on your betta lol. I have a heavily planted ten gal for my FEMALE betta and she was so ruthless and angry towards any other living thing I had to put her in a temporary tank while I moved around and re homed some fish to allow her back in 💀. Now she lives alone lmao. On the flip side I had the sweetest, most docile male betta who never even flared once his whole life and he lived happily with a school of ember tetras and an amano shrimp :)<3

  21. Lol yeah my male betta would attack SNAILS.

  22. They’re okay with 10 gallons? Again I thought they needed more. Certainly not an expert though

  23. Ten gallons is fine for a dwarf gourami. They do tend to die after 1-2 years, vs a betta living 3-4 years. They are way better community fish than bettas and have great personalities. You also eliminate the risk of getting a serial killer betta

  24. This is going to continue happening whether or not you see it. Since they’re at the packing plant, these animals have already been promised/sold to retailers (as meat). Not sure if this needs to be said, but absolutely do not release, or attempt to release, domestic pigs. They are invasive, prolific breeders, dangerous, and harmful to wildlife.

  25. If you have time, put a black plastic trash bag over it and secure it around the base. It will be starved of light and get really hot in the sun.. and eventually die

  26. To me, they look really thirsty and a bit too large. I’d suggest trimming them back, but the best time seems to be the beginning of the growing season, and yours have wilting flowers, which confuses me about timing. Given their size, they seem to be growing fine. Completely subjective, but I keep mine trimmed between my waist and neck heights.

  27. Lol same! When I lived in Portland I would just cut my roses to the base, it felt like they were full bushes again by the end of the month.

  28. 3-6 months depending on how well it bounces back from the prune. For insurance in case the tree doesn’t make it (it most likely will be fine), if you’re able to, you can take some of the smaller cut branches and attempt to graft them onto different trees. You could also attempt to root some cuttings, but mango trees have a very low success rate for cuttings.

  29. I also have some baby mangos, thy are like a 2 1/2 inches, will those seeds work? I already put some small branches in a cup with water, but what should I do exactly?

  30. You’ll have to look up specific tutorials for mango trees. Just something like “how to propagate mango tree from cutting” should get the info you need. For grafting, search “how to graft a mango tree” 🙂

  31. If you separate them you risk killing them both from the stress. One will most likely be out competed (and die, later on), but that’s normal

  32. He just had worms and some other things that had to be taken care of before they could put him under anesthesia safely so that burden of neutering fell on me. I’m getting another cat from them that’s fixed already that was his littermate, but that’s also why I’m getting this done now

  33. To be fair, CatAdvice associates, the general public doesn’t really know about rescue hoarders and what a good/reputable rescue is supposed to look like. There is a lot of faith put into any “rescue” because you’d assume that they would be more regulated.

  34. Switch to a vet out of the metro area. Like, 45 minutes or more. You will save hundreds of dollars each visit.

  35. I have wondered if I will be in your position one day. We have a 9 week old and he is hell on wheels. I am looking forward to a potty trained, adult dog. *

  36. Please take this piece of unsolicited advice: Take SO many pictures of the baby puppy stage. It passes so quickly!

  37. Gorgeous tree! Magnolia blossoms are actually edible (and delicious), I highly recommend you give them a try 🙂

  38. I just did this recently! My young dog suddenly got some mole/mark on her and i emailed pics and asked if they thought i should make a visit to get it checked or if it was ok to just monitor. They told me monitoring was fine for now. Saved me a visit!

  39. I have boarded my cats for several trips over the years. Most of the people commenting are exaggerating the effects of cats being boarded outside of your home. Your cat will be fine.

  40. People that are pro- dogs on furniture will try to guilt trip you about not letting your dogs on the couch. I think it’s partly cultural and partly personal choice on whether or not you let your dogs free reign of the furniture. There are valid reasons both ways. Do what works best for your household

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