1. Think there could be a critter underground?

  2. We have a groundhog that lives under the shed in our backyard and our neighbors backyard. Dude is so fat and clumsy, yet so graceful when he runs and climbs the fences

  3. lol we did this, but seemed to only further encourage our doggo.

  4. Same here, also when we yelp or something she starts going harder lmao. I have to make weird noises for her to stop biting lol

  5. Damn how can you just throw away a dog. Glad you were there to see it and scoop him up. Definitely check out Walmart or aldi for food. Kibble is going to be your most nutritionally balanced option. He’s probably going to have stomach issues since you don’t know what he was being fed before. Walmart also has decent leashes and harnesses and such. I would have the vet change the chip information to you if you’re keeping him. Also, be patient. Poor guy just went through a lot of trauma. If behavior issues come up, reach out to a vet and/or trainer.

  6. Get a brand like purina pro plan so you know it is for sure the correct nutrients he is getting

  7. People do not know how to drive, walk, bicycle, or scooter on this campus and I don’t understand how

  8. I’m sorry for your loss and I hope you find peace knowing she is waiting for you on the other side

  9. That’s why I adopted a 2yo husky lol. I mean, yeah, OP - you did know what you’d signed up for! At my age now (plus work schedule), I simply couldn’t handle that puppy energy. Guess you just have to wait it out. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  10. I agree with this, I put my girl in doggy daycare and she is so tired when she comes out. She is 7 months now.

  11. My husky loves seaweed. I have to give her some every time I eat it. She’s a fiend

  12. Thank you, she is starting too sleep more in the crate so she is a little better. We feed her there now. She is getting a little better about the bathroom, but I think it’ll just take time. Do you guys have any recommendations on biting or will she grow out of it? She is a fiend for crocs and ankles lmao

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