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  1. Yeah… am Australian, and outside of the innermost inner circle of the major cities (of which there’s 3 or 4 depending who you ask) we might be THE most racist country in the world

  2. Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion. A very 90s movie, in the best way.

  3. It’s insane how quickly everyone started using ‘POV’ completely incorrectly

  4. It does, and that's fine, but it's all very much adapted for the US palate and really isn't what you would necessarily eat in say a Chinese, Japanese or Italian restaurant.

  5. Agreed, I’m currently in NYC for a holiday and the actual ‘food’ — i.e. the ingredients themselves — aren’t very good quality.

  6. This subreddit is actually the first one I go to whenever I open Reddit, it's fun even if I already saw the posts. I don't want to get spoiled but I basically live here lmao.

  7. Me too, pretty sure I’m addicted to checking out the leaks and people’s reactions to leaks here, so I’m on all the time haha

  8. Tbh the colours don't say 'food' to me anymore. First glance I thought they were some ceramic shells or something

  9. Q from last thread. Is it possible to get 20~ pulls before the banner ends? No welkin

  10. OP got a weapon that wasn't a featured weapon. So her next weapon regardless of what banner it is on will be one of the featured weapons. Its like losing a 5050 on a character banner (obviously its not a 50% 50% chance). But yes OP's fate points won't carry over.

  11. I didn’t know this was a thing!! I just got Amos on the Mistsplitter banner - does this mean if I wish on the next banner I’m at least guaranteed to get a banner weapon next (either PJWS or the new bow)?

  12. That's right!. Technically, its still a 5050 for me because like you stated, you either get PJWS or the new bow. Hoping you would get what you want

  13. Thanks for this! Having the same problems with my own Fatsia right now. They seem to be very prone to scale

  14. My gf has been using it on a crit build Kazuha and it’s not bad

  15. Hopefully they take this chance to rebalance resonance. Some of them are super useless.

  16. I’ve been dreaming of them adding resonance tiers to make mono teams more viable. Like increasing the resonance effect or adding a new effect for 3 pyro characters in a team could be a good way to buff Yoimiya

  17. When I worked at a nursery something like this could go for $2000-2500. A lot of variables.

  18. As someone who lives in Fowler, I've always had weird feelings about Dai Le.

  19. I listened to her on ABC radio Saturday night and she sounded like an idiot. Struggled to string together anything relevant or critical, just ‘I care about business’, ‘I know what it’s like to be a migrant’ over and over. Very substance-less

  20. Their last report showed they are doing very well.

  21. They mention the paris agreement and how theyre trying to not get pasr 3.6. What? Am i missing something? 1.5 is bad enough

  22. Yeah this is bullshit. That haven't expired that quickly in the past. F' mihoyo.

  23. Didn’t he fuck off on holiday when you guys had all those fires and refused to come home

  24. At least they made another joke out of it… it’s like getting two birds stoned at once

  25. I wonder how many ppl even buy the upgraded battle pass

  26. I bought it once as a treat, I think during lantern rite 2. The namecard was really nice, and I was running out of time to max the BP and couldn’t be bothered grinding that week. I won’t do it again though

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