1. it must really turn them on when I block them

  2. I have those panties but they look much better on you 🤣

  3. no one said you could post my truck

  4. Hmmmmmmmmm..... 🧐. Wouldn’t that go against the argument that homosexuality or bisexuality is not a choice, it’s what you’re born as?

  5. Dude there is nothing better than getting a blow job.

  6. Yeah. I once had a straight guy who used to get pegged all the time by his ex and he missed it/wanted to see if the real thing felt better. He wasn't attracted to guys, he just wanted to get fucked in the ass again.

  7. How would we know for sure, he's always running through the woods

  8. If you're conservative, then you ain't gay.

  9. I read that Joe's first husband (before John) died of AIDS. Makes me wonder.

  10. tops are always in greater demand than bottoms

  11. was the pic of the girl he knew from school?

  12. Not even close. It was his bare ass.

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