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  1. Can anyone explain what the metal wall with the numbers on it is? Genuinely curious lol also why all different kinds of pills are bagged up in one bag together?

  2. Tell me you have black lungs, without telling me you have black lungs.

  3. (WJW) – The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Wildlife announced Wednesday it has confirmed cases of Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD) in white-tailed deer in 13 Ohio counties.

  4. Hi, drunk here. Totally read "biting midgets" at first. That is all.

  5. Dear God I wish I had gold to give you hahaha seriously fell to the floor laughing at this!

  6. Yeah I thought at the end of the dolls episode coby told him to say if anyone asks his family has been there for generations

  7. That's what I was originally thinking but I just remembered, his tongue was enchanted to speak the truth at the time he said that to Zoey... so wouldn't that technically be a lie according to the dollhouse episode?

  8. HOW is she 39??? She literally looks like 27 while Max Greenfield be looking his age at 42. Made watching them as a couple so weird to me. Plus they had no chemistry imo but it's okay because of the ending lol

  9. I kinda wondered the reasoning on that as well, lol they had no chemistry at all but I agree. It worked out in the end

  10. The lack of chemistry might have been intentional. From my perspective, they didn't get married because they were madly in love with each other. The control freak chose an anxious girl he can easily manipulate. The anxious girl chose a man who made her feel safe.

  11. Lol oh you are just a evil genius.... I love it! Haha but seriously That's an extremely good point that I never would have thought of!

  12. The Whales have to draw and maintain magic sigils on the ocean floor to keep the Kraken locked up.

  13. ...someone that speaks out about the corruption coming out of the Biden family isn't guaranteed to be a "Trumper." Quit falling for this bipartisan bullshit and making enemies out of everyone you can label. You think there's corruption with the Trump family to talk about? Post it. Don't bitch about em helplessly in every thread that ain't about em. Solve shit, don't just shovel your bullshit everywhere.

  14. Um yeah they are. It's a cult thing. And judging by how you talk about bipartisan bullshit and labels it sounds like someone might be feeling a little attacked by the term "Trumper" lol. Besides what corruption could anyone possibly post about trump and his family that hasn't already been posted. It won't solve shit or change anyone's minds regardless. It's called brainwashing and anyone who values their time remotely won't bother trying to post anti Trump shit to purposely waste time to potentially and pointlessly argue with a Trumper on purpose.

  15. Real psychic’s don’t charge for their service. It’s a gift from god and they aren’t supposed to. If you want real information it’s always free.

  16. Not that I completely disagree, as I did strictly donation based readings for 3 years before I was encouraged to charge for readings. The balance of service/and compensation is important, because you can only give so much of yourself before you begin to feel exhausted internally. Just my opinion, although I'm not saying free readings and information is off the table completely...just saying not everyone has the ability to use their gift for free and it might just pay their bills.

  17. If the power is draining you, Then it’s not from the Holy Spirit I would question where source springs from. Spirit flows easily and takes no effort. truth is always free and there is no price. Lie’s and falsehood require energy.

  18. This backfired on ya a bit lol.

  19. This is dumb lol. Looks like a drone. Or a bird. Either way completely irrelevant.

  20. I've had seven ppl like you speak their mind, which I want, then I message them the pic I sent you....and then they see it.....then they watch again and again...please don't look at it once and say bird plane meteor...It was UAP

  21. I saw your message. And I'm sticking with the aroused cloud theory lol.

  22. This is not telekinesis friend lol. This would fall under the category of physics. But keep it up. And try what others have suggested. Telekinesis isn't about pushing air necessarily. Or atleast not "just" pushing air. It's pushing energy. Keep up the good work and practice practice practice.

  23. I hate to sound ignorant lol but what is this exactly? Looks super cool.

  24. You can order then on wish for like $1-$2 bucks lol

  25. Legit question here, but does anyone nottice a pattern of which her giggles take place? Almost every time she makes a positive statement?

  26. Am I the only one that would break this women's jaw the minute she brushed my shoulder? That way all of this could be

  27. This may be a stupid question, but genuinely curious. Would he face assault charges at this point for opening her door and pulling her out of the car?

  28. I seem to remember seeing similar symbols in the coneheads movie. Lol

  29. Really? I didn't know that but that's super cool!

  30. I didn't know biological males could have heterochromia!! I must research this-- I teach genetics and was taught this was a trait related to the X chromosome and only happened in biological females.

  31. Wow that's super interesting! Let me know what you find out!

  32. What talent you have! I love this!

  33. He only mentioned after season 08 that the witches of Coven and Apocalypse would be returning in a future season, that’s it, that’s all.

  34. He could spy through my bathroom vent, I'm just sayin lol

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