1. Then hit into a DP on an outside pitch 3-1

  2. Pathetic franchise continues to be pathetic more news at 11

  3. There should be some accountability- like if a team is terribly run for 10 years the owner has to sell or loses the use of the team name, stadium, etc.

  4. I’ve been dreaming of a relegation system if the team were to get relegated then they would lose on the tv deal money.

  5. The funny thing is most 3rd teams in any other division would be at the top of this division.

  6. The team usually scores 1 run when people get excited about a "good" lineup on paper. Watch this one put up a lot of runs today

  7. I’m sorry to spoil it for you

  8. Bro the guy pitching was like 0-7 with a 10 era. THIS OFFENSE IS STRAIGHT ASS

  9. 4-7 w an era in the 5s. Still bad but what you’re describing is Dylan covey levels of bad and Otto deserves more respect than that 😂

  10. I was being a little exaggerated lmao

  11. Not an easy play for anyone but really hate the DH 1st baseman in the outfield thing.

  12. Getting 15 hits but like 90% of them being singles isn’t going to win you championships. When tf is this team going to learn.

  13. That’s how you know the offense is ass when they can’t score a run with bases loaded and no outs.

  14. Why tf does Abreu become so good in August

  15. All I’m saying is that this offense seems to do better when Leury isn’t playing.

  16. Assuming the no trades means this organization gave up on the season.

  17. No way we had a chance at Soto. That being said how is the farm system so bad when this team hasn’t even traded for someone worth shit.

  18. Like this offense is so bad it almost hilarious.

  19. Ground balls and singles 🤮

  20. Tim had 5 Xbh in July. Where you at TA7?

  21. You say that like that isn’t the teams norm.

  22. Not anymore. This is .505 baseball now

  23. Even the walkoffs feel boring

  24. Not enough pre season matches

  25. Guys, don't worry about that home run. We're playing the A's tomorrow and Sunday then play the Royals. Stop being upset.

  26. True it’s an easy schedule so all of them are an automatic wins. This team is good and definitely not a .500 squad.

  27. I see half the rotation is cooked

  28. It’s kinda interesting that two years in a row the Bullpen has underperformed. Even after spending the entire budget at it.

  29. Is Katz not as good as we think?

  30. Idk I think he’s good but I feel like teams like the Rays and Astros can make good arms from scouting and developing them. Also bullpen arms very from year to year not a good idea to spend all the money there.

  31. I really don’t understand how the mlb can so heavily advertise gambling, to the point where networks are showing live gambling stats during ABs, and still have some doofus behind the plate arbitrarily deciding what is a ball and what is a strike. Calling the same exact pitch location differently for different teams.

  32. This team isn’t serious man. I kind of wish somehow this league had relegation. It would force organizations to be more serious about spending and putting out a better product.

  33. The lineup is so bad not worth watching the game

  34. If I had a dollar for every White Sox fan that doesn’t understand double header lineups I’d be sitting in the scout seats today.

  35. I get it but there is no point when the other team starts all their players for both games

  36. Glad I decided to watch more soccer because I will probably not watch the White Sox until a change is made.

  37. The thing that pisses me off about this team is stuff that could be fixed with a better staff and gm.

  38. Timing of the AS break sucks given how we looked the last 4-5 games.

  39. Idk this team was doing that against a very bad twins bullpen

  40. What’s good got traded from the astros to the marlins. Now I’m here, way happier to be with the white sox. Just glad Ryan Tepera isn’t here anymore lol

  41. The funniest thing was seeing him talk all the shit then dipping in the offseason.

  42. It has to be the training staff

  43. I feel like some people undervalue the training staff and the training facilities.

  44. As a City fan from Brazil it hurt to see only Ederson playing for us. Like, i will support the club no matter who is wearing the shirt but losing Fernandinho and Jesus in the same window and i dont know if Pep will give a oportunity to Yan Couto and Kayky. I had so much hope for Yan Couto, he has so much talent and we need a LB , i hope he stays.

  45. Man tell me about it I’m Mexican we got like 5 players in Europe.

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