What's the best response to "Dad, I think I'm gay"?

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  1. Literally the first thing I would attempt if I grew one.

  2. The line drawing had me rolling my eyes. The finished product had me squealing with delight. Thanks for sharing! Reminder to me to trust the process.

  3. I'm so disappointed the top answer isn't Tremors

  4. The regular music of Titanic that then continues as the shitty flute version. And the cow licking the bread poem meme.

  5. Doing searches online and only coming back with excessive red meat consumption leads to aggressive prostate cancer. Except for a very biased, manic conspiracy theory type website. Saw several studies that vegan and vegetarian diets correlate with increased incidence of depression and anxiety compared to omnivorous or carnivorous.

  6. Seeing fresh sprouts after planting seeds.

  7. That is fucking rad!!! Amazing idea.

  8. Oh my god you're right 🤣 I feel kind of dumb. There's one on both sides hahaha thank you so much!

  9. NA. We have literally all been there once. Some of us more recently than others. (Me about a month ago.)

  10. I just wanna do a day trip, see a kangaroo maybe a koala, and leave

  11. Go to a zoo where you live instead. Everything is venomous or wants you dead.

  12. I DID IT! It bolted, made a mild escape, but I did it. Sorry about the post, I was panicking 😅

  13. NA Aww don’t be sorry, it’s stressful rehousing. I now do all of my rehousings in a big storage tub with a lid nearby and a paintbrush and catch cup. Of all things, I had a jumping spider get away from me once and I felt so guilty because I only found her after she had died. At least she wasn’t a danger to my cats but still. Poor little peanut.

  14. Y’all! 🤣💀🤣 T owners are the literal best. I love this sub so much.

  15. I was sent one a touch smaller than this as a freebie in my recent order. I would not have bought it myself, but I’m already in love. Absolutely stunning!

  16. NA: LLAMA!!!!! I stg half the fun of this sub is the names people give their T’s.

  17. NA congrats ahead of time! Thanks for caring about your soon to be baby’s wellbeing!

  18. 1/32 makes my smallest drams seem gigantic. It's definitely a difficult size to work with and even with my 100+ tarantulas, it's a size that makes me nervous, haha.

  19. You sneeze and that lil guy is gone.

  20. Bless you. I’ve been wanting one for a while and just decided that a sling is probably too small for me right now. I see now I am absolutely correct in that decision.

  21. Stand up slow clap for this mom breaking the cycle and keeping her daughter safe from the manipulation and abuse she herself suffered. This isn’t cringe at all. This is powerful and beautiful parenting.

  22. Yeah, when you hear how big they get, it’s amazing. When you see them with something near them for scale it’s absolutely mind blowing.

  23. Previous generations fucking up housing, education, the environment, foreign relations and leaving them with nothing but anxiety and crippling college debt.

  24. I will say this, without making a gun control argument. It’s just my observation, having grown up in Idaho and lived in Texas for a few years.

  25. Thank you for this perspective. I appreciate it, and it helps me articulate my problem with some of the concealed carry states. I also grew up in a hunting family. Guns are tools, with a constructive purpose in my family. I have wonderful memories of the whole family joining together to butcher the carcass, sharing the meat, having celebratory venison dinners. It nourished the body and soul. Places where the only talk it to protect yourself has always felt to me like a smoke screen for how can I legally get away with shooting someone and coming out the hero.

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