1. I like to do Quimbee first. It gives me a good feel for the case especially when it has those cartoons, because deep down, I’ll always be five years old.

  2. I’m lucky. Like really lucky. My boss does not care if I study at my desk. Just as long as my work gets done.

  3. This is so wild to me. I’m sorry OP. I’m at a lower ranked school but they made it clear to 1Ls that if we fall below the required GPA, we will be placed on probation for the next semester and will have to meet with the dean regularly because they will dismiss if we are still below a 2.0 at the end of the following semester. It’s like this with most law schools. Is there any way you can speak to the dean? Very predatory.

  4. Can someone please tell me how can I manifest my dream college considering the fact my marks are way less than needed

  5. Ok. I did this. It totally worked. I got into this law school despite my undergrad grades being iffy. I created a perfect scene. I went on google and I looked for restaurants on campus and then I imagined myself eating there before class started. I also ran a google street view and perfectly pictured myself there. Whatever scene you choose, it should imply that you already have your desire.

  6. So I should just do SATS at night and keep my mental diet right? Or is there anything else that you did? PS: I’ve decided to use the scene of reading the acceptance letter, that’s fine as well right?

  7. You can do SATS or you can meditate over it. SATS is a little difficult for some people but if you're comfortable with it, definitely do that. Also, I would set a scene sometime after your acceptance letter. It reaffirms to your subconscious that you already have your desire.

  8. Do not quit! Seriously you will never forgive yourself if you do. There is something about starting something and then quitting that REALLY damages your mental health.

  9. I appreciate the advice, but I could forgive myself. I know this was the wrong decision. There is no doubt—if I could go back in time I would. Some wrong decisions you make cost more than others. I can’t honestly look you in the face and say that I will be able to take finals. I know I’ll opt to withdraw due to the stress

  10. Sorry to hear that. And again I don’t know you and don’t know what your particular issues are. I just know that everyone says law school sucks the first year. But at the end of the day you only know what’s really best for you. Do you have an advisor or counselor that can you can speak with before you make that call?

  11. This is gonna sound either strange or hilarious but I got into a debate that turned ugly with some of the members in that FB group because I said you have to start believing in your manifestations and focusing on yourself first. It was weird as hell because Sammy does say that self concept is vital. Then I was silenced by the Admin, so I left that group. The next day my SP reached out to me and we have been in regular constant contact ever since. 🤣

  12. Congrats! Would love to know how you manifested the scholarship - which seemed to be the part that you weren’t expecting? Typo*

  13. I was not expecting that but it made sense. You cannot go to law school with it being financed. I guess a good scene is picturing yourself spending money else wear because you got your school expenses covered. Or your in school and your trying to maintain a certain GPA to keep your scholarship.

  14. It sounds like a case where you did well on a test that you put in the work for, rather than an LOB success. None of your scenes imply you getting a scholarship or anything. That is more obviously because you simply did well in the exams instead of being average but enough to get into a law school.

  15. Woah anybody that can do well on that test and not study is the MASTER! But no doubt with the Law of Belief, anything is possible!

  16. I just thought of something when you said we can’t bring people back from the dead. And mind you, I’m a novice to all this, still a beginner.

  17. Don’t give up. You’ve made MASSIVE progress. He told you he loved you. You also have to remember you can’t react to the 3D. Let him talk to others and let him have friends. You can talk and have friends too. But you know you two are right for one another and he loves you. Just focus on yourself and have your life. He will come to you.

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