1. this manhwa is perfection. do u kno any other with mls like that?

  2. Another character that I absolutely LOVE that I lump together in the same cage as Reinhardt is

  3. You want stories which includes both our MC and the OG protagonist

  4. Is "Kim" the Korean equivalent of "Smith"? Just fucking everywhere? Lol

  5. Yup. Kim , Lee and Park are the top 3 common Korean last names in that order.

  6. Yh. The dates are a bit messed up. But, If you are subscribed to the series, you’ll see on your subscribed list that it last updated on Feb 1st with Ep 43.

  7. It’s so unsettling. Someone said that Nakyums tests are not rolling downward which means they can’t be laying down (hence death). Idk if SH lips are puckered into a kiss, it’s hard to tell. I hope they keep unveiling this but I have a feeling there will be so much angst in this season.

  8. Yh. That’s one of the first things I noticed. His tears are rolling down his cheek. Not plip plopping away onto SH due to gravity. He’s not dead

  9. living in ldn and i find manchester tap water absolutely grim. every time i'm there i convince myself i am just appalling at making cups of tea and then my first one back home blows my mind. no offence

  10. Wait. So it’s actually a thing? I just commented something similar. The fam that comes down from Manchester or Birmingham love the tap water at mine. Can’t get enough of it. Especially in the summer. I never understood it.

  11. Relatives that come down from Birmingham and Manchester LOVE the tap water at ours.

  12. Well, this is a comprehensive reply. I do understand that Korea is the country of origin for some of these. And I suppose this is why the western-originated comics seem so much more original in character design, then?

  13. Another thing to note is that the Webtoon app that we know, the English version, is actually called Line Webtoon.

  14. Used to wear women’s. Switched to mens. Heard they work better cos society thinks men sweat more.

  15. Tbh. It doesn’t make sense to me at all. If all forms of love counts towards a ❤️+1 , you’d think familial love would be considered too. And she should have 2 at the very least. Cos her parents. And then, we saw that

  16. There is actually a pretty good potential explanation, it just happens later

  17. Is it a theory or legit spoiler. Whatever it is, I’d like to know.

  18. I have re read these x amount of times. Not in any order.

  19. I'm from the UK so this seems pretty clear to me: it's banter. They're friends who can tease each other and take the piss and pretend to argue and they'll have fun doing it. Extremely common over here, where we're polite to our enemies and affectionately mean to our mates.

  20. Yes. For me, “bicker well” and “banter” is basically the same thing. And I feel like it fits Super Junior so well lol

  21. It's a novel, I don't remember the title but the artist is

  22. Did this artist draw for Path of star? Cos it looks so similar

  23. Was she wearing a red dress. Cos if so, I have a SS of it and the title says ‘extroversion of an immortal’

  24. One of the main reasons I believe is because of how they used social media as a means of interacting / communicating with their fans. Especially Twitter YouTube and Vlive.

  25. A genre. Or maybe it’s a sub genre 🤔 which uses all the different types of Isekai.

  26. Himbo Knight. I thought i’d be part of a minority. Glad to see the majority of us (as of rn) have taste

  27. Basically all of them lol. But the ones I can name are either newer or are problematic.

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