1. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the people’s…”

  2. You can point out that part all you want, but the courts say you are wrong and it’s an individual right.

  3. For the people who say banning guns will fix the issue, what about all of the unlicensed guns? Those guns won't be magically removed the second we ban guns. I've heard the statistic that there are more guns than Americans, but I don't believe any of them have talked about unlicensed firearms. So what about those guns?

  4. We don’t have “licensed” guns in Colorado, so they are all in fact unlicensed.

  5. Who could earn enough to buy ships, sounds like a 1st world CIG problem there.

  6. I was planning on getting Vamp II soon but then along comes Illinois. Just not sure about that rolling smoke. Where as an American BB, yeah.

  7. Vampire is an absolute monster if you are a dd player. I had a kraken in my first 5 games.

  8. Absolutely not!! My leases have this in them, make sure you add it for the future.

  9. You’d need a m1000e chassis or a VRTX from Dell. I’d strongly recommend against it. They are power hogs and old at this point.

  10. Meth dispensers and use stations in all the bathrooms. It will host all the downtown homeless on non game days.

  11. Get a ring doorbell and screen them. We get solicitors, but it’s obvious on the Ring, so I just watch them until they leave.

  12. It’s been happening a lot for me. Just let it sit for a few minutes and it will eventually populate.

  13. That's what I was hoping...this screenshot was taking after 10mins :\

  14. Push for enforcement of existing laws and removal of violent and disruptive students.

  15. This. We have all the guns laws we need already. Let’s enforce them and work on mental health. . Yep, they didn’t kill anyone today nor did my kids get them… because they are locked the F up!

  16. How would you feel about laws requiring the proper locking and storage of guns and the prosecution of people who’s unsecured guns were used in shootings?

  17. Taurus. The windows on the Aquila are actually worse since that stupid bar is in the line of sight.

  18. I think the question should be, is it worth it to you. This isn’t a finished game, it can be very buggy at times, but some patches are awesome. Can you handle spending $45 on a game that isn’t finished and isn’t ran as professionally as a finished game?

  19. I don’t think that’s how you are supposed to land?

  20. If you are going to burn someone like that, spell it right 😂

  21. ^ can we vote on adding mods? Take this as my nomination, second, and vote.

  22. Man you star citizen veterans are a hole's to new poeple in the community.

  23. I will do anything I can to help a new person out, if they put in the time and are actually trying first.

  24. I have them all. Bourg, stalin and ragnar for me in that order. Bourg is aewsome :)

  25. Ya, I keep hearing that. Not a big bb player, I have JB already so maybe that’s close enough to Bourg?

  26. Are you sure you want it, it’s inherently underpowered.

  27. Lol… I am still on the fence between Bourg, Stalingrad, and Ragnar as it is…. So, no I am not sure.

  28. My opinion, buy the warden as a pledge, it’ll be the better long term buy. Use it to get a sentinel in game. You can crank out $200-400k an hour in any vanguard.

  29. Sorry for being ignorant but what is the benefit of a warbond and buyback?

  30. Install the ccu game browser plug-in, login to your account, and watch some videos on ccu chains. We have some pretty good warbonds now to get discounts. Hopefully you have something with lti?

  31. Have you ever had to heat a pool with a gas heater?

  32. No, I am responsible with my money and don’t light it on fire with a pool or hot tub. No fing way it costs $150 a day for a hot tub though.

  33. I mean, the entire game is F’d right now, so wouldn’t surprise me.

  34. I am glad I bought a Tacoma last Sept… I waited 2 months and got it right at msrp without a fight.

  35. It’s an expensive ship, don’t buy it outside the big events, November and May. I got mine down to $320.

  36. How about holding parents liable for the crime, especially since it’s most often a family member’s weapon? Perhaps that would spur more active parenting with potentially dangerous children.

  37. So, gold question aside… if not the US dollar, what currency do you think is going to replace it? Honest question.

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