1. Girl... Anna rode for Kanye until he came out as a literal Nazi.

  2. I'm saying expecting Anna to have higher morals and some problem with what the Kardashians do is fucking ridiculous when she put up with Kanye's shenanigans for YEARS

  3. No, I think it’s about image and not wanting someone who brings such tacky drama to the Met, which is supposed to be considered classy

  4. My SIL, who is obsessed with babies (not kids), telling me it would be worth it for me to risk being suicidal from PPD to have another child because she wanted me to (and spent 3 years trying to nag me into having another).

  5. I thought that. But then they wouldn't have been alone, it would have been the whole group

  6. Oh honey, everyone knows it was the hospital you just don’t want to admit how serious things were

  7. I don’t feel bad for her anymore, I did when it all first happened but now it’s like …. 🤷🏼‍♀️ she’s just digging her own hole

  8. I think he was medicated during this time. Regardless, he has mostly been protective of his kids (minus when North sang on stage during a concert and the abortion rant), which I appreciate.

  9. He’s pretty open about not being medicated…. What time are you referring to??

  10. He was medicated then announced he went off it. It was via a tweet, but his account is suspended so you can’t access it. Below are articles that reference his announcement, though.

  11. I can’t imagine how horrible their experience has been being brought to a new country by strangers who refuse to help them adapt

  12. No human deserve to be given life for anything less than a stable family, home, and environment to live in, and that includes parents who enthusiastically want them

  13. Best way to check for thrips is to use scotch or clear tape and touch all over the bottom side of the leaves. Then use your phone light or a bright light source to observe the tape. They look like little black dots. Thrips can be defeated with isopropyl alcohol spray (I only do it at night so the leaves don’t get sunburnt). I will also toss plants with a ton of leaves if they have thrips (Pothos or the like) because you’ll never get all of them and the risk of spread is too high.

  14. Ugh I have so many plants near this one too. I’ve always burnt my plants using isopropyl alcohol

  15. I use 70% and just spray at night.

  16. So continue talking to him during the dinner as though he was going, until later then tell him he was not invited. Wouldn't that be worse.

  17. No it’s not. And why they were completely blindsided by the son talking as if he was going. Sounds like they didn’t know what to say because they never thought it a possibility. I don’t blame them in the least. This is a NaH

  18. then they wait until a private moment to discuss the mistake without humiliating a child in front of family

  19. The fact that the publicly known timeline keeps getting earlier and earlier just makes me sad

  20. I just think the timelines of joy/austins "friendship", courting, engagement, wedding, and baby are..... unsettling

  21. Just…. Why the overlined lips? Why? It makes people look like a child who can’t use crayons

  22. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GRYPHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH top 5 mmc for me I swear that man makes me sawoooooooooooooooooooooon

  23. Exactly!! That’s what I’m curious about. I do think they do tax write off on almost everything they do but still, one das moneys gonna run out

  24. I'm sure they launder money and do tax fraud, but their businesses don't have the longevity they'll need to maintain their lifestyles

  25. Bankruptcy, by at least 2 of them. Their business futures do not align with their lavish lifestyles.

  26. Why do you want to keep your cali plates? If you're moving to Virginia then you're going to need to change them eventually

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