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  1. Since I have been at this for 52 years now I feel obliged to weigh in . I have collected stamps, wholesaled stamps, brokered singles and collections and retailed stamps through the years. As long as you are not seeking a return on your investment....Stamp Collecting will be fine.To some it is an intellectual pursuit, to others just a fun hobby. Like baseball cards, Records and watches etc...the market will go up and down. The best thing you can do to keep the hobby alive is get people who are interested, started. I may have given away over 100,000 stamps in the last 30 years. Start them early and expect their interest to wane and pick back up later in life when their mind settles 🙂

  2. I would estimate it's auction value at $2000+ especially if a well heeled exhibitor is on the hunt for his next Gold medal 😎

  3. Since my birth date is before the making of this movie I don't think it's that old 🙂. I see it for sale on Amazon U.S. and

  4. To start off I would suggest Carol Reed's "The Third Man" 🙂 Since you enjoyed this one why not stick to the director, who by the way is great.

  5. Youtube has a wonderful plethora of old movies. Check your library and or University and see if they have Kanopy. Kanopy is a streaming service that Libraries and colleges have. MANY great classics and Criteroon films.

  6. It's in the "Cubist" style if that helps.On a lighter note...Maybe An early Frank Miller Batman drawing 🤣🤣🤣

  7. Pretty sure that’s one of Frank’s early sketches for Elektra 😂

  8. Barbara Mueller wrote a wonderful book "Commonsense Philately" highly recommend it for a beginner.

  9. Dude You may get a boat load of down votes, but not from me 🙂. I am a big old 🐔💩 and have never voiced my love of BioShock 2. I have started Infinite 3 times but not once have I finished it. Hopefully the 4th one will rock our world and the movie seems to be shaping up nicely also.

  10. It is getting 🔥🔥🔥!!!! There is a poster on stocktwits who posts the institutional buys as they are filed🤣. He must just stare at EDGAR all day long. Invesco has like 5 million shares 🤯

  11. Sullivan's Travels, Glass Key, This Gun for Hire 🙂

  12. I’ve got Sullivan’s Travels queued up for tonight’s viewing! Love This Gun For Hire, too.

  13. As to "The Glass Key" Watch it then watch the Coen Bros. "Miller's Crossing" and see how much they "borrowed" from it 🤣

  14. Awesome!!! Between The Hardy Boys, Encyclopedia Brown, and Tom Swift I always had a good read at hand as a young'un🙂

  15. You might consider a sweat box if you want to try and save the gum on the unused stamps. It will take more time and several goes but you should be able to get them apart.

  16. I really like "Tolarian Community College" youtube site. The videos are geared more towards paper vs digital but I have gleened some good tips.

  17. Looks like something from Atlas Shrugged

  18. Netherland Hilton Cincinnati OH. Building is once again in receivership ☹️

  19. Not really. Why would you know that, you are an GG Allen fan. Most deplorable human to walk the earth 🤣. The Vapors were a one hit wonder who are still alive and not desecrating anyones gravesite 😎

  20. GG is Filth personified- I appreciate your forgiveness but In the words of Garth’s and Wayne…not worthy…. Not worthy lol

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