1. I really want the herbivore, too faced palette, and living proof! I want to see the bag design too

  2. Yes! If you’re on the west coast it will be at 9pm but you’ll need the link to access it.

  3. This is giving nothing. So boring. I’m so disappointed! Her doing the cover of sports illustrated is iconic and the photos were just whatever?

  4. Can I ask where you saw this?? I can’t find it anywhere on the website :(

  5. I’d be excited! I feel like it would definitely make up for the Addison Rae bag

  6. she probably don’t have a filter but the camera quality, lighting and full face of makeup makes her look like she has a filter on :)

  7. I could see that being the case except for that I have had zoom meetings with this person and there is no way

  8. The palette is Beauty Bakerie unreleased palette called Sour Ya Doin’

  9. Are we really supposed to look at this and see the natural texture on her neck/chest and then see her absolutely poreless smooth face and believe that? Like either be honest or just don’t say anything but don’t lie

  10. It’s premium you guys! Suzan who runs boxycharmsneakpeek says that’s what she thinks. She has to say “thinks” because she works with them but she knows

  11. I think it's coming in premium - there was a comment from Suzan on the boxycharmsneakpeek Instagram saying as much.

  12. Just saw that- it’s def premium she works with them so she won’t confirm outright but she be knowing

  13. It isn’t specified which box… I’m thinking premium or luxe because I have a hard time seeing them putting this in base

  14. Can you tell us what the clue is for the next curator? Should be on the bottom of the very back page of the newspaper

  15. “If your not following @IPSY for all the latest GBX news, now is the time. We’ll be reveling May’s celebrity curator soon, and trust us, you’ll want to be the first to know.”

  16. That’s so weird because today I got a completely random glam bag plus that I was absolutely not charged for either and I already received the one that I was charged for. What is going on with them??

  17. I have no idea! It's both relieving and unnerving to hear this is going in with multiple people.

  18. Yeah like is this why so many people do not get their boxes? They just accidentally send them to someone else? Are they going to accidentally send one of mine to someone else?? Get it together!

  19. I remember quay sunglasses being heavily promoted by influencers for a long time. Has anybody owned them? Are they nice?

  20. To be clear I know there's a .1% chance of that happening.

  21. The bag is a black faux leather crocodile print cross body bag. I highly doubt they would do 2 bags so I don’t think this will be in there. It is cute though

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