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  1. I will always hear Alex Trebek when I read these.

  2. Complete with a perfectly accented pronunciation of “Sanchez”

  3. George Carlin put it best...and if he were still with us, he would have a blast tearing into fuckmooks like Crowder.

  4. His “tough guy” rant is quite applicable as well.

  5. Listen it's for porn and questions that nobody needs to know I asked

  6. You already know how I'm blasting those things with my shotgun lol

  7. Yeah but you’re not learning anything about those issues really, except that being all those things will get you into trouble/cause you to make bad plans

  8. Which is the joke. The audience should expect bad things to happen to bad people. Just so happens to be funny as hell.

  9. 22 does weird shit when it hits you because it’s so light. It can bounce all around your innards. I would rather be shot by something bigger than a 22 if I had to choose.

  10. Man, shit. I seen a tiny-ass. 22 round-nose drop a nigga plenty of days, man. Motherfuckers get up in you like a pinball, rip your ass up. Big joints, though big joints, man, just break your bones, you say, Fuck it.

  11. That’s nothing compared to some acts I’ve seen

  12. Past tense has never been more appropriate.

  13. That won't make it better. If it was a man then it would be largely hero-worshipping and "bro! Good on ya! You're the man!" et.c It's a woman who was the focus so it was mostly slutshaming.

  14. This is how I’ve been playing this story when random chuds bring it up seeking to dunk on another “slut”. Like: “she’s crushing it dude, I’m jealous af”

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