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  1. Me too! I think this blazer needs sharper shoulders and two sizes up:) I think I'm FG(shortened cropped lines suit me better I think) , but I'm 5'6 so in theory I'm D :)

  2. I’ll admit- I like finding the similarities between my body and other peoples. It helps me see value in myself easier.

  3. Maybe include yourself in some outfits? It’s really hard to tell people’s types without clothes. It’s about how clothes fall on people’s bodies, so I can’t really tell much.

  4. I’m not sure the right place to look for answers, but I’m a 23 yo woman and I want to build my thighs and glutes as big as possible. Where do I start? I’m trying to keep my protein high, and I do lots of kettle bell squats, but I’m not sure how often I should train for mass>strength. Also reps, weight amount, what should my progress look like…I have no idea!

  5. This is fun! I think it’s easiest to do with two essence blends, but three can also work.

  6. Me when my school threw a Super Bowl watch party where free chick fil a was served

  7. Emotions are the biggest driver of action... they have a very real effect on you and those around you because they will force you to act.

  8. I’m happy for you that you’ve been blessed with the ability to fix the larger problems in the world, but I am working my hardest right now, and I can barely afford to feed myself and my dog. That work takes up all my time.

  9. Well, again, I’m happy for you that you had those opportunities. My focus on misery left me alone, weak, and dying, and everyone turned away from me. I had to fight to keep myself going, and that fight was not won with dread.

  10. I’ve heard 5’5 and 5’6. It’s funny how that’s about the line for who is defining “yin and yang.”

  11. Oh but I’m going to change my story to being extravagantly dressed at the supermarket, delicately balanced on the ledge of the fridge trying desperately to reach the last zero-pulp orange juice at the back of the top shelf, even then I can’t quite reach it with my short limbs, reaching further and further on my tippy-toes, beaded gown and matching scalloped clutch glittering in the florescent light. David Kibbe walks up behind me asking if I could use a hand, and as I joyously exclaim “yes indeed I do!“ I step down to my surprise at the towering, masculine figure beside me that is DK.

  12. Literally laughed out loud at “towering, masculine figure beside me that is David Kibbe”

  13. Ahhh this is so hard! I agree on natural and classic! I think I see more dramatic than ethereal but…I’m not certain! I

  14. I have a personal preference for the last one, but honestly, they all suit you well as a FG. At least, in my opinion.

  15. I know exactly what you mean by “highness” in your hips, bc mine are the same. It bothers me too. I’ve been feeling insecure lately as well. I’d love to see that picture of Marylin too, maybe it would help me feel a bit better.

  16. Stomach goes usually last (please anyone correct me if I am wrong). So don't stress about it, it will go eventually! :)

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