1. Build a good relationship with them. What's kept me at my company is the relationship I have with the owner. I know it's not good, but I view him more as a friend than as a boss. The fact that I'm paid extremely well helps, but its the friendship that keeps me there

  2. She played everyone and I'm not even mad at her. She never made any promises and she didn't expose herself.

  3. She's like that other chick who broke of when she made millions off a few pictures, but I can't recall who it was. She was on a show on nickelodeon pr Disney Channel and directed a porno for pornhub I believe, but again I can't think of who it is to save my life

  4. Yeah, that's who it was. People got mad that she made so much money and didn't show any skin

  5. What about the Gruden Brothers? At least they were both head coaches, even if they weren't coaching at the same time

  6. I live near dumfries and never heard about that shooting, so I looked it up. 3 year old killed and 4 kids ages 14-17 were also shot, and I didn't even hear about it.

  7. Def bleach. The sell similar style shirts at Walmart for $9.00

  8. My username is the same thing I've been using since i was 12, so I get it.

  9. Was actually my aim screen name. God I wish I was 15 again. For those that are still young, cherish it, life sucks once you get older.

  10. What the fuck are you nerds talking about and what the fuck is "Mythic Quest?" Sounds gay as hell.

  11. It's a show on apple TV that's written and produced by Rob mcelhenny (from its always sunny in Philadelphia) and has some of the cast from its always sunny (mainly cricket). I personally couldn't get into it.

  12. Yeah, it is risky. I hope my wife doesn't mind that I substituted her body for one that isn't quite as attractive.

  13. This is gold, you're awesome and I see your a fellow cat dad. Thanks for bringing ai much positivity into the world.

  14. Steve Young literally started the season saying Lamar could be the greatest player in history but the Ravens are failing him. People will read a motive into anything.

  15. Unfortunately in the states cunt is only an insult and it's at the top of the list for what not to call a woman

  16. Ask neighbors about who they used. Get at least 3 quotes for any project, but bear in mind that you'll get what you pay for.

  17. $100 for a laptop? Even if you only get a year out of it, you've gotten a great deal

  18. You can get some of the cholromebooks for as little as 109. Lap tops were a lot cheaper than when I got my last one like 7 years ago

  19. I go to sheetz everyday before work. Spent a lot over the year. Their points reset at the end of the year so I spent the est that I had saved up on gas tokens. I was expecting to just get a dollar off, but it gave me a lot more.

  20. Yeah, and I posted it on reddit to brag about it

  21. Yes for glocks, Chicago is the epicenter for full auto glocks. The piece is sometimes referred to as a giggle switch or an auto sear. They're illegal here but black market ones are easily ordered through China

  22. Are their pieces any good? I've only gotten jerseys from them

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