1. You are a brave brave human being putting Batman and Robin on this list...yikes!

  2. I didn’t include Running Man or Predator since those movies came out in the 80s, not the 90s

  3. Even through I loved Johnny Bravo as a kid, rewatching it now, I love it even more. A lot of the humor flew over my head as a kid, but now, it’s hilarious.

  4. The funniest part of this video is after Dave goes on his spiel about "literally literally" building a parallel economy, Glenn Beck replies with: "So what does that mean?"

  5. Maybe these conservative commentators have Dave on their shows to make themselves look smarter by comparison.

  6. If you don’t know who Allie Beth Stuckey is, she’s a conservative for BlazeTV who has interviewed our own Dave Rubin a few times. In fact, when Dave announced he was having children through surrogacy, she made a

  7. Also, striking down Lawrence v. Texas would reinstate the constitutionality of anti-sodomy laws, which means that Dave could be sent to prison for being intimate with his husband.

  8. He’ll do some mental gymnastics to blame it on the Left.

  9. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dave thought Dr. Seuss and Dr. Pepper had medical degrees

  10. Or that Captain Crunch served in the Napoleonic Wars

  11. I don't get why so many WB and New Line Cinema movies leave each month, even ones that aren't getting licensed out to another service. Disney+ in the U.S. maybe removes 5 movies in a bad month.

  12. It seems ever since the WB Discovery merger, the monthly offerings have gotten more and more disappointing.

  13. I loved this show. I remember it having pretty mature themes?

  14. It did, especially considering it’s a Disney animated show. I view it as Disney’s answer to Batman: The Animated Series.

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