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  1. That label is literally on everything I own. Looks like I'm getting cancer no matter what, might as well smoke and drink up

  2. they want you to contact them about the price first and just put a fake price in there. I've seen people put $123,456,789 all the time because it's required. It's stupid and shitty and I don't even bother to message them even if it's something that I'd want, but that is almost certainly why.

  3. Eh i get it. I think his reaction was a little extreme to the particular comment, but social media is fucken toxic. What's more likely is hes been seeing shit like this for years and this particular comment was the final straw.

  4. Here's a hot take: guitars are just tools, not some sort of sacred object that has to be babied into oblivion. If a person wants to sand down their neck, cut away the headstock and drill holes into the body, they have every right to do so, and you really shouldnt be all that phased by it. Obviously the more extreme the modification, the less potential buyers will there be once the person decides to sell, but thats just the sellers problem. There is literally nothing wrong with modifying your guitars.

  5. I agree. To that point I'll never understand people who buy expensive guitars but have to worry about every little tiny scratch or dent. When you're out gigging your shits gonna get beat up.

  6. I don't have a string recommendation but there was a time when I was breaking a lot of strings and it turned out there was a burr on one of my bridge saddles and it actually wasn't my fault at all - you may have already checked that but it was worth throwing out there just in case.

  7. Already checked and filed for burrs.

  8. They're assholes over there, it's a right of passage to get banned from that shit hole

  9. If you have a song in the key of C Major, every diatonic chord uses the same notes that are in the key of C Major. There is no changing of notes. Like some have said, its mostly a jazz thing. True, thats because in jazz they borrow chords from other keys.

  10. what if I only played the pentatonic scale corresponding to each chord that is diatonic to C major? Would each one of those be diatonic to C major?

  11. I get why you're doing it that way, to game the algorithm but other than that i don't really see the point. I'd drop like one single off the EP and just release but also im not really concerned with getting the maximum number of listeners

  12. I don't doubt that it has some effect..... But I doubt that you're gonna tell the difference in a noisy bar full of drunk people.

  13. Jazz Chorus is pretty good for cleans. You could also get a used hot rod deluxe or AC15 for 500. hell even the cleans on the boss katanas sound pretty good.

  14. I mean everyone has less disposable income to make music, people have less money to spend at bars and restaurants, bars and restaurants have less money to pay musicians, it's a cascading effect.

  15. Insurance has been on my mind since one of our musician friends convinced her new husband to quit his job and hit the road, gigging full time. They had a plan, they had a good sound, good vibes, it was going great til he got sick with what turned out to be stage 4 stomach cancer. Hospitals wouldn’t treat his cancer because they didn’t have health insurance or life insurance. She made a VALIANT effort to try and fund his treatment, to get someone to even treat him: it was fn heart breaking to be on the sidelines as that unfolded. They got some hospital to try and operate on him, but they botched the surgery and didn’t make it. That was before covid hit, he was younger than I by about 10 years. That made a huge impression on me as I considered what I needed to do to pay my bills, survive, and also be fulfilled. Health insurance is a must. Being alive is expensive. Hospitals can be merciless.

  16. to be honest this kind of treatment is unacceptable. It's more of a complete failure of the system to take care of its people than anything about being a musician

  17. Can you play your backing tracks through an aux? Plenty of people do that. Eventually you might want to put a band together to play, but guess what will attract quality members to you? Them seeing you get up there and killing it

  18. Will you have fun? That's the way I look at it. Sure, lots of people say don't work for free and they're right, but the fact is a lot of us are just doing this for fun and don't care about or need the pay. Plus, we're not really in a position to negotiate for pay. If you don't need the pay and want to do it for fun, go for it. If the pay is the only thing that makes you want to do it, then don't. Also, I wouldn't have any expectations going in about "exposure". Sure, it might happen, but don't count on it.

  19. You could but keep in mind you would be adding unnecessary cable length, some say extra cable length affects tone negativity.

  20. I mean like a foot at most. I'll just use a 15 foot cable to my amp iinstead of a 25 foot and that should more than make up for it

  21. Yeah that's what I'm saying, it's usually not worth it but sometimes it could be. My point is make sure you ask so you know ahead of time and can decide whether it's worth it or not before wasting everyone's time

  22. Almost all guitar pedals are solid state…wtf is this kid actually asking?

  23. Yeah no shit idiot that wasn't the question

  24. For me it sounds best into a completely clean amp

  25. Kept buying and selling fuzz pedals, realised I liked the big muff most of all. Started playing with people, it couldn’t keep up and soon realised this was due to lack of midrange. Back to drawing board. Bought the Vick Audio 73 Rams Head and all my problems solved. Adjustable mids on a big muff = solved

  26. This is the exact problem I have so I'll check it out

  27. Does the volume actually go down, or is it just that with the fuzz on your guitar vanishes in the mix? Because that second thing is why I don’t usually like fuzz pedals….

  28. Sorry not a recommendation but just curious if you have any other pedals in the chain? I originally had my big muff before a vp jr volume pedal and it was super quiet when I turned it on. Took it out of the chain and it worked normal, so I placed it after the vp and bam! Pedal started working normally. Pretty sure this was due to the vp being the 25k version so the pedals didn’t play well together in that order.

  29. I had the fuzz first in the chain, now I have it behind the wah. Doesn't seem to make much of a difference, tbh, and I usually only have the fuzz on by itself or maybe with chorus. Unrelated but potentially worth mentioning that with the strat the volume drop doesn't seem to be as pronounced as with my guitars with humbuckers or p90s.

  30. I don't know how realistic that is. Can you share where that money is coming from? I fit that bill, but my 6-figure salary came from being an Intel Analyst.

  31. I respect the professionals for their dedication but it's so much easier to make good money in your career and do music as a hobby then do music to put food on the table.

  32. I think it's because of the people who don't know how to use it. I'm sure you can get some good tones out of it (I don't have one so don't ask me how), but tons of teenagers just dime all the knobs and it sounds like someone farting through a megaphone.

  33. I remember when AM radio came out when I was in college EVERYONE was listening to it. Most of these people only listened to rap/EDM/top-40 pop. Say what you want about them, but they put rock in the mainstream again, even if only for a few months.

  34. This is objectively true but try saying that in a Brad Taste in Music comment section without getting crucified

  35. They can stay mad. When was the last time you saw smoking hot sorority girls blasting tool or Dream theater?

  36. This is more in line with what everyone has been telling me irl vs online ppl are more like you’re gonna get in trouble

  37. there's three things that could happen:

  38. I've spoken to a guy who does this in a major city near me. He said the cops leave them alone because it would be a huge publicity nightmare for them. So as long as no one is getting violent or drunk driving home, in theory you'll be okay.

  39. I've done that and unfortunately have to say it is way WAY more trouble than it's worth.

  40. I'm fine w step three when I have a halfway decent system and most house systems are absolute bottom of the barrel crap

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