1. I’ve been to several rituals and TBH this is my least favorite part of the show. I’m not a prude but feel it’s not really relevant to the performance? I always just tune this part out.

  2. Sounds like you need a good taint tickling, and maybe an ass wobbling for good measure

  3. Fun psychology fact! We tend to tenaciously & vocally hate things we identify with but have been taught to (by being bullied or seeing others bullied) shun. We want to be ‘in’ with the in crowd, and not the out…

  4. I seriously love the „bad bitches slay, not decay“ bit hahah

  5. It’s like a yassified “kill or be killed”

  6. Same age as you, heavy cheeks & weight fluctuates. Biggest help is, unfortunately, retinol. That said, pregnancy-safe alternative is supposedly Bakuchiol.

  7. Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter (CT in general), Kosas Concealer, and Fenty contour stick are products I see A LOT online

  8. Oh, that is interesting! I suppose it would depend on the character & how well they come to identify with their new name.

  9. It’s interesting. I have a preference for the alignment of the label while my partner selects by colour.

  10. As you’re on the first draft, I’d say you’re being unnecessarily cruel to yourself. Find ways to relax your expectations around what’s expected from this initial stage—which is really nothing.

  11. $1 = 100 charms/points (for both Ipsy & Boxy).

  12. I believe with Ipsy points, 600pts = $3 item, or $3.50 now.

  13. True! But 1200 is usually a $12 item & 1800 an $18 one. Thinking 100 = $1 saves me from spending points on smaller items. More bang for your buck, you know?

  14. 5 free bags to send! Send me a name & an email that’s never been used with IPSY before.

  15. Still have a bag left! DM me if interested 💜

  16. Family & Friends sale May 13-23, from what I saw~

  17. Are you from Canada? If you are, we can only get base bag + shop the first add on sale.

  18. What does your blending process look like? Do you push the brush down & drag it around? Back & forth?

  19. Shade & placement. I hate pink/red blush on the apples of my cheeks; it gives me that clown feeling & makes my cheeks look even heavier. I apply a more muted, nude shade on the sides--kind of where most people put bronzer-- & do not go past the middle of my eye (where my pupils are when I'm looking directly into a mirror).

  20. That lipstick really caught my eye! But I went for the Cosrx master patches. I love the brand, it‘s $12 retail, & my partner gets pimples but doesn’t want a full skincare routine.

  21. Tomorrow. The link is on the main page under Shop by Collection >>> pink button ‘explore more deals’ if you want to see specifically which products

  22. Just so you know, you can easily spend $40-$60 on a single product.

  23. I'm from Alberta & got mine yesterday. I guess I was spoiled last month and got it a week earlier. I'm also trying Boxy (x2) & they are also moving like turtles.

  24. I mean, there are only 3 potential states to their relationship(s).

  25. Absolutely this. I think these stories, at their best, aren’t really about what flavour of desire we’re after (do we like the tall, dark, and cool one, or the meek but warm-hearted friend?) but about learning to embrace some controversial quality deeply embedded in our psyche that grates against societal expectations. They’re social commentary.

  26. I guess this is basically my problem. How do I get in the right headspace, then?

  27. I think IndigoTrailsToo covered most of it, but I might have one suggestion.

  28. My process is similar, every idea that is new feels like the bestest idea ever. As good an idea as calling up and ex-girlfriend drunk.

  29. Oh, yeah! Actually a hugely important part of idea development for me is letting my ideas ‘fall through the sifter’—or so I called it, just now. Contrary to Lucas, I don’t mind letting ideas disappear. I trust the big, exciting ones will stick around because my brain likes latching onto things it likes.

  30. That foundation was my go-to for years until someone put me onto Guerlain!

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