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  1. In Singapore, the government actively works to prevent separation of housing by race. Each public housing unit needs a a specific ratio of Indian, Chinese and Malay to force people to become friends and neighbors with people of other backgrounds and maintain social unity.

  2. I like it! Actually may give me some motivation thanks internet friend and yayy adhd lmao

  3. Nooope unfortunately the two pairs ran me $2k ayy lmao

  4. Yeah my first one bounded with me like crazy, i get a second 2 years later and he's wayyy more independant lmao

  5. Yooooo I got the same qs wrong and he exact same wayyyy LMAOOOO uworld need to update them stats xD Also I’d never heard of this disease before until this qs!

  6. Ok I watched the video. What the fuck even is this drama? She didn't even play like she was cheating. It was a horrible call. Unless she was cheating in a way where she knew the fucking deck ahead of time- that's not cheating. Just playing poorly and lucking out. Happens.

  7. Definitely not outta pocket but I saw Veil of Maya a while back and it was a pretty decent sized venue but not a lot of people there to really fill it up so the crowd was never packed or anything. But that didn't stop this bigger guy that I'm assuming was on the tour with them since the venue is a live nation one and they never allow anyone on the stage but he comes from the backstage to the front and gestures he's gonna stagedive then just goes for it. But since it wasn't packed or even that full and the stage is pretty damn high compared to where you stand in GA so he just lands straight down on some girl that was wayyyy smaller than him.

  8. Ayye! I'm also glad to be able to talk to ya even with the pain that school is <3, it ok sometimes the social anxiety hits me too and I forget to reply when I read the message (homework doesn't help this lmao). Aww! I also get extremely excited when I get a reply from you.

  9. It’s meme monday guys.. this is a shitpost lol. We all know we get wayyy too many of this “I was floored by these $20 headphones” posts here on this subreddit lmao

  10. It’s the timeline where the Kievan Rus’ didn’t fall apart. This timeline also has Germany and France as one large country(Charlemagne got cyborg upgrades and never died, he just sleeps under a mountain until he’s needed to slap people), the UK is considered a Scandinavian country as the Danish and Anglo-Saxons jointly governed it(No Norman invasion). The Balkans are considered one of the friendliest regions of the world. Ataturk was actually born in 600 AD and he too became a robot and never died.

  11. I have a friend who's the complete opposite of me temperament-wise. He's total Type A personality. Always frantic, stressed, gets very heated and passionate over shit, even little shit. And he smokes weed 24/7. Before every class, every activity, everything. And he's WAAYYYYY more active than me. If he doesn't leave the house for a few hrs he goes stir crazy, has to go to the skatepark or walk the dog. He's high strung and it chills him out a little.

  12. This is wayyyy different from the old note block remakes I used to see lmao, nice stuff!

  13. Ayyyy congrats! Last night was my third time seeing them and I don't plan to stop anytime soon lmao

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