Eating Carolina Reaper (World's hottest pepper)

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  1. That's because Captain Marvel uses energy to fly. Superman's flight has never been fully explained but it's probably some kind of telekinetic field. It's why he can catch an airplane without crushing it.

  2. I wonder if he can use that same field to protect others

  3. I feel like some people just have absolutely no clue whatsoever about just how hot peppers can be. Like they think it’s going to be like kids in 4th grade daring each other to eat a jalapeño or something.

  4. Yeah it's surprising how most people don't get how spicy peppers work. Heck just try a regular banana pepper and that will burn your face

  5. Apparently I'm more familiar with it than you, I at least know it's irrelevant here.

  6. Lol actually it's much MORE relevant here. But seeth it's entertaining

  7. Given that nobody involved with or related to the discussion is a government entity, nope, it's completely irrelevant.

  8. Regardless people are gonna say what they want and others will Seeth. So SEETH and cope

  9. first time watching the 2nd season?

  10. He is mentioned in Roman texts. Tacitus is probably the most famous mention as he essentially confirms that Christ was executed by Pontius Pilate in Judea

  11. Interesting. I always thought atheists would always bring up the argument that Jesus was never in any historical texts?

  12. That's simply false. Jesus or Christ is mentioned enough in ancient history outside of the bible that it is all but certain he was a real person that did exist and was executed in Judea. Walking on water and rising from the dead part of his story isn't something we can cross reference however.

  13. The “…lol” is possibly the most beautiful piece of syntax use I’ve seen in all of my years. Thank you!

  14. Subs full of racists. Not as much as the main conspiracy sub though. That one is way worse LOL

  15. Blzck Panther doesn't have a flag on his chest though dummy but nice try. He pres en entire people not one man made country

  16. Don't worry in a few years they will probably bring back Overwatch 1 and call it Overwatch Classic and somehow overcharge for it.

  17. that’s why HDR is bad. Sony implementation of HDR will always be better than a streaming box.

  18. Yeah at this TV gives you the option to make it brighter

  19. Didn't people say the same thing about Bluetooth back in the day?

  20. Wait why did this down voted? It could be legit a female

  21. Fr It seemed like just a little joke don’t even think they were serious lol

  22. Any good reason why you're spending $70 on a screwdriver and $250 on a backpack?

  23. I’m convinced people hate on this movie to seem cool. There was a time it was popular to hate Titanic, too.

  24. the problem with the goldilocks zone is that its not the only area conducive to life; only conducive to life as far as humans know.

  25. Yep. People tend to forget that moons too could harbor life

  26. One of my fave examples of "Jew playing Latino" is Mark Margolis, who's also done it with Italiano roles time and time again until he reached an apex with Hector Salamanca. And of course he has shared history with Al Pacino!

  27. Lol yep. It'd cool when they reverse it though have Latinos playing jews as well. Like Oscar Isaac.

  28. Lol Al's played Latinos too. People just gotta find something to be butthurt about

  29. So cool out of 10 how good do yall think the movie will be let me hear your thoughts.

  30. I’m going to the fan event tomorrow and they said that it was going to be only a portion I guess maybe the first 15-20min but enough to generate hype

  31. I think he’s talking about how they undress

  32. Lmfao WTF just reread it and it does seem like I'm talking about actual fit girls

  33. Glad you got it and that I’m not the only one here thinking about fit girls in that way.

  34. Lol I wonder if fitgirl is actually a fit girl now lol

  35. Ironically some d-bag bikers actually do carry marbles to throw at cars.

  36. In some places they made it a felony to throw things at a moving vehicle after some teens killed people throwing bricks off an overpass

  37. I'm guessing it's only a felony when someone is badly hurt or worst

  38. Lol he will. His size aka length and reach will get him the win

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