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  1. Thank you everyone, I wasn't aware of this song as I delete the game whenever I'm bitten 😅

  2. My brain has decided that "aeroport" makes way more sense than "airport" and I've messed up an ungodly amount of questions because of this.

  3. Omg same, it's gotten to the point where I'm using it in daily life now 😂

  4. I managed to scrape up a pass for that year, then for the final year we could choose between a literature research project or a lab based research project. I chose the literature as that was just writing an essay, so till I graduate I don't have to do labs anymore. The only real solution I found for this problem was to struggle through it and ask the lab attendants for as much help as they can give.

  5. Not a specific target, but when you disguise yourself as an important person and the target is like "security, leave, I need to talk to them alone as I stand at this balcony". For one or two targets sure, but why do they pretty much all have this option??? It feels like it undermines the other methods.

  6. Also, the Himmapan has no lifts. There are wheeled bellhop carts, but they're just for show and the hotel staff will have to individually lug each and every bag up several flights of stairs to deliver them to the guest rooms.

  7. Right? They had lifts in blood money like in the Delgado and Casino levels.

  8. Doctor Who? At least the 9th and 10th doctor eras.

  9. It's always a good idea to write a cover letter, a letter on top of the CV that tells the person how much you like the company and want to work there etc.

  10. Morphtronics, what they do is cool with power-tool dragon but it could've done with a little extra love you know?

  11. Hello my ID is Otherpatin#9351 I’m level 39 add me for literally anything thanks!

  12. i need to try and breed an eridanian dragon (galaxy white and blue one) in the coop breed cave... i'm zackkyew#2299

  13. Hey I have an Antarian galaxy dragon for breeding if you want? I'm BimBam#5454

  14. What about from Tearkjerker, sexpun dujour or something?

  15. Altergeist and Trickstars were cool in the anime so it'd have to be one of those.

  16. Let my boy Quentin wear a crown he did nothing wrong!

  17. As I said, I am 17 hours into my current campaign.

  18. It's probably best to play the vanilla game first to get into it. It takes a while to learn and adding the alien rulers or anything else into your first time is probably not going to help!

  19. Have you tried the suvat equations? s = displacement (m) u = initial velocity (ms-1) v = final velocity (ms-1) a = acceleration (ms-2) t = time (s)

  20. I'm fairly sure it's not 180 s for t, rather it's around 14 s at the given acceleration of 2 m/s2.

  21. Thank you, its been a while since physics class!

  22. Everyones situation is different, so it is incorrect to judge people by your own metric.

  23. Her life sounds hella interesting from these songs, I gotta get the scoop!

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