1. Having owned this on the PS5, is it worth then buying for the switch?

  2. Haven’t played yet! I’m taking my time with the PS5 version and I’m just excited to have it ready to go on the Switch when I want to take it on the go! Plus I had to have the steel book and mini fig

  3. Got the Digital Deluxe on PS5 for Classic Obi-Wan Kenobi as well as better graphics, load times, etc.

  4. Hopefully a few years. It's the SSD that'll most likely crap out first. With the size of games now, and limited space you'll be deleting and installing games alot. SSDs can only transfer data so much before they develop issues

  5. I think it’s more likely that the SSD will be one of the most reliable components actually! SSD read/write ratings are usually very high and very under estimated! Plus I think it’s a good sign that older PS4’s have lasted quite a long time on their original HDD drives!

  6. I would have given the most accurate answer to that question except I still haven’t been able to buy one yet. Been looking since the launch day. Here in Australia it’s still quite difficult to get.

  7. I wish they would give us that opening cinematic every time we started the game with the option to skip… except I would never skip it lmao

  8. It does play everytime you open the game and you do have the option to skip it.

  9. Oh interesting, my game seems to cut straight to Rey saying she needs someone to show her her place in all this

  10. Sorry I’m talking about the cut scene that plays when you open the game for the first time, the one that features all 9 movies

  11. Always been a huge Anakin fan, definitely most excited to play through the prequels again!

  12. its saves automatically when you collect something, or if u buy a character, upgrade or extra. if you quit through the main menu it will save as well; but if u are in the middle of a mission that will reset

  13. Ah I think that's what happened to me, I quit just before leaving Theed while I was in the hangar and it set me back before the ship hangar in a fight with droids

  14. Update: spoke with a Best Buy rep and they said they are waiting on more stock from the manufacturer, I can expect my copy to ship/arrive on 4/7/22! Thankfully I have the digital to play on PS5 today!

  15. i figured since they had a batch of preorders available yesterday morning that, yk they would ship but 🤣

  16. Haha for real! And I'm pretty sure I had the option for Same Day Pickup today yesterday but now that option is grayed out, again hopefully because it will ship out today!

  17. Just got one with the steelbook on impulse! Officially double dipping, I pre-loaded the PS5 version yesterday lol

  18. What's your reason against getting it on PS5?

  19. Lucky! How does it run on Switch? I'm waiting to see reviews/gameplay before I decide on PS5 or Switch. I'd prefer to play portable but not if it runs like the other Lego games on Switch

  20. Honestly don’t worry about it. I assume you’ve just got it and set it up? If you signed in with your Apple ID it’ll be doing loads of stuff in the background like pulling photos down, doing analysis of faces, locations. If you restored from backup it could be indexing a bunch of stuff for Spotlight. Give it a little time.

  21. I agree! I figure it is doing a lot of work in the background, however I have had it up and running since last night and spotlight doesn't appear to be indexing. But I guess we'll see how things progress!

  22. Oh man….I was hoping you were gonna say that it was the Ultra, this is gonna bother me…

  23. Yeah it's really weird because reviewers are saying both specs (Max and Ultra) are silent and to an extent that is true. Like this is a very quiet machine don't get me wrong, but my Mac mini was literally silent whereas here I can clearly hear fans running consistently

  24. New to the MBP life with my m1 pro 16 but....gunk? What is it?

  25. It was pretty common in the older era MagSafe ports on MacBook Pros and Airs to get marked up and attract dust from the MagSafe connection, and I’ve been trying to assess if this will happen with the new MBP’s as the port had gotten thinner, I’m hoping the issue has been resolved

  26. Mines is a 2020 MacBook M1 13” 512 GB storage and 8 GB of Ram and it’s space gray.

  27. Nice! How is it holding up for you? I find that my MB actually gets closer to 10 hours of battery life instead of the quoted 21, probably one of the downsides of the M1 Pro chips

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