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  1. Kui sa täiskasvanud oled, vaata upWorki, sealt võid saada graafilise disaineri tööd või copywriteri tööd. Edu!

  2. Your comment has given me some sort of peace. Do you think she doesn't reach out to avoid taking responsibility or because she doesn't miss you in the first place? Meaning, does she miss you but doesn't want to repair (or try to) the damages so doesn't reach out OR she doesn't miss you at all to even think of taking responsibility?

  3. My ex with no social skills apparently takes new love interests to movies. A grown man.

  4. You'd be surprised how many people 100% think it is and how many therapists will go along with it because they're still receiving a check.

  5. Sis, I read that only a very very small portion of women experience PIV orgasm. I sure as hell don’t - no matter what we try. It’s always clitoral for me through the use of a toy, but it’s not a problem! Work with what you have and continue to communicate. Introduce toys for you. I see you, you are valid, you are good. Love, sis

  6. What is this sub and why is it showing up in my feed? Shape Of Face? "Yes. Your genetics have caused you to have a well proportioned and symmetrical face. Your life is worth living."

  7. Pärast sõitu on võimalik juhti hinnata, Bolti kasutajatukke kirjutada või ahistamise korral ka politseisse pöörduda. Boltil peaks juba praegu sellistest juhtidest aimdus olema (kui ikka antakse teada). Firma peab ise kõikide kasutajate turvalisuse eest seisma ja keerulisi juhte mitte oma platvormile laskma.

  8. Oot, et nagu naistele on nüüd keelatud teha komplimenti või neid tohivad teha ainult need, kes sellele elusolendile meeldivad? Veidi veider tunduv. See on sarnane idiootsusega, kus naised riietuvad väga napilt/väljakutsuvalt, kuid kui mingi suvaline mees neid vaatab, siis on ta ostekohe pervert. Wamen 🙉🙉🙉

  9. I guarantee that cat raises all sorts of hell in that house, and just gets away with it with just one look

  10. I was beaten like crazy as a child. I was raised to think spankings were essential. I spanked my oldest one time when he was 2. I spent the evening crying in my room. It still is my biggest regret out of anything I've ever done. I can still remember his face after the fact. That was over a decade ago. I really hope I didnt pass on generational trauma. It definitely hurt me. I really hope it didnt mess him up. From then on ny focus has been patience and perspective, which is so much harder. The first instinct is always to spank, but I have successfully suppressed it every single time since that once. Even sitting here now, it feels terrible. I love my kids, and I hate myself for that incident.

  11. I have exactly the same situation, but with my brother when he was like 4-5. The look of shock, horror, fear, betrayal and hurt will never leave me. I will never hit anyone again.

  12. Singaporessa kasvanut, kuullu saman.

  13. Tää on kyllä joku ihme legenda mikä on kiertänyt koulusta toiseen

  14. Ja siis koko maailmassa. Näin redditissä langan jossa joku oli kuullu tän Brasiliassa

  15. The Right to be Forgotten act in de EU is about your right to have your personal information deleted by internet companies. It says nothing about informing authorities about wanting to legally disappear in real life. Are you confusing some concepts?

  16. Ma olen lihtsalt laisk ja ükskõikne. Mis iganes mure sel koputajal ukse taga on ma ei soovi sellest osa saada.

  17. Lol. Hirm my ass. Kui mulle postkasti kiri potsatab et 'kuule, selline asi', siis lähen koputan neile endile uksele, ja vestleme. Kui aga sajad ootamatult mulle ukse taha, siis võid perse minna, sa ei ole oodatud. Mulle see ka ei meeldi, kui kotis jogurtitops katki läheb. Ei tähenda, et ma jogurtit kardan, või et koti puhastamine raske ja piinarikas töö on. Lihtsalt tavaline ebameeldivus. Mõnel on muidugi raske uskuda, et kontvõõras inimene nendega vestelda ei soovi. Redditi handle vähemalt õigesti valitud, lol, 5+.

  18. Congratulations everybody. Looks like WINNING to me. I love ur Ginger puppy. Sending tiny raspberry for that too cute schnozzle. LOVE PEACE WINNING.

  19. I had a blind date with a woman who had 'if you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best' poorly tattooed on her ass. Yeah she whopped that tat out in a Thai restaurant.

  20. Here I thought ”oh they must’ve seen the tattoo while having sex” nope, at the restaurant lol

  21. Yesterday I dreamed about scrubbing a pee-stained toiled with very much detail… had no option to check any watches though, I just saw the toilet.

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