[Homemade] Pride Cake!

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  1. bzr says:

    Great looking photo. How'd you do them? Same time?

  2. You will never regret that trade. Welcome!

  3. On the ‘bright’ side. Three candles.

  4. At some point you probably crossed him up with Ben Mulroney (son of former Canadian PM Brian Mulroney) who IS Canadian and did a ton of stuff on TV, including hosting red carpets and shows.

  5. We had a kid that used to eat glue sticks on the bus ride home every day. I once tried to take it away from him and he bit my finger nearly to the bone.

  6. Wouldn't have it any other way. So far, so good!

  7. I just got a wrangler back in December too. My license plate is CSCP. I’ll be sure to wave at you.

  8. The wave is such a great perk. Never believed so many people do it!

  9. Orthodox Jews don't eat meat with milk. So a cheeseburger is only possible if the meat is fake (with real cheese), or the cheese is fake (with real meat). While American processed cheese is darn close to fake... It doesn't help here...

  10. So awesome - your creations are always great!

  11. They have. And they are sorry about it.

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