1. Is it possible to go up the tower? I’m guessing it’s a museum?

  2. I am helping price train engines for a train show this weekend. It is every bit as dorky as it sounds. I know -nothing- about trains, but I do the social media and some design for the club.

  3. How do you price train engines? I’m assuming they’re old or antique?

  4. This is amazing. I’d pay money just to see it in person.

  5. This is one of the more underrated tips I’ve read in a while. Thanks for sharing!

  6. You bet! Something we tell our kids all the time when they’re frustrated with a topic. Usually they just haven’t learned what terms mean. Gotta get that before you can solve a problem in a field.

  7. Absolutely. And I’m not even taking about kids here - I’m talking about myself. :-). I guess we can all benefit, yeah?

  8. Love it. Love each one of these pictures. Thanks for posting.

  9. Fun fact: The beach scene and one of the epic highway chases were filmed in my tiny suburban hometown about 45 minutes outside of Chicago.

  10. My parents had a poison control kit under the bathroom sink as long as I can remember (I wonder if it's still there?) that contained a bottle of this stuff. For some reason I was terrified of it despite knowing that it may save my life. I knew what it was like to vomit and I just couldn't fathom actually doing it intentionally...

  11. This fiberglass thing - is this true or not? Funny, I was told the same thing.

  12. Wait, how did these things turn? I can’t figure it out from looking at the picture. If the wheel turns like it would on a regular bike, could you still pedal it?

  13. You peddle using the peddles that were attached to the Big front wheel. They drove that and only that, it was a front wheel drive vehicle.

  14. Mystery solved! Thanks so much for the detailed explanation - and the link!

  15. I love the light effect on your ceiling! Did you use a projector?

  16. Not sure if you’re from the area but I do remember when they had a small waterfall with some fish tanks. Always the fun part of going to the mall.

  17. A Florida TSA worker of my exact same complexion confiscated most of my used make up as I went through her line, explaining it was a 'security issue.' She took all of the expensive stuff but left all the budget crap behind. The abuse of power made me incandescent with rage, but I knew I couldn't protest because then I would be flagged and potentially miss the flight.

  18. Was checking this into a suitcase an option after they told you it was a security issue?

  19. No, and I am not sure why they didn't make me toss it right there. Oh, right, yes, because the lady wanted some Clinique!

  20. There is a place on Portland Oregon like this. And like a gazillion fine whiskeys to choose from. How have I not been there yet?

  21. I don't remember what floor but it is the NS building in Shinjuku.

  22. Ah of course. I’m so silly - the Hyatt is in the picture in the top left hand corner. Thanks!

  23. Apple does support a blu ray drive. There are a bunch that you can buy. Playing movies shouldn’t be too hard either. Just get something like VLC Media Player.

  24. I like this one. OWC makes solid products in my experience.

  25. Thanks for sharing. I visit Portland often and never knew this existed.

  26. I can’t believe I had to scroll down this far to find it. Thank you!

  27. Almost 100 years before I was born here is this guy hanging out with his dog. It never ceases to charm me, the amount of things that have happened on this planet...

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