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  1. Guy in my office only does residential real estate work—mostly basic deeds, closings, etc.

  2. The secret to high grossing residential real estate is having an army of paralegals and legal assistants who do 99% of the work. Oh yeah, and also getting all of that business somehow.

  3. He has one paralegal and a single rule: keep the realtors and lenders happy.

  4. I’m sorry, I misread the post. I thought it said that he nets 400-500 per year (meaning that his gross would likely be a big multiple of that). You’re right that’s more believable that he has one paralegal for that kind of revenue.

  5. Several games have started to add backblast as a mechanic. Many a teamkills are secured that way.

  6. Yep. Don’t fire a bazooka inside a building in Advanced Squad Leader.

  7. First, they came for our pronouns, then they came for our nouns.

  8. It’s funny because the main reason I own a rifle is because of the danger posed by white supremacists.

  9. Pretty sure that’s early images from The Book of Boba Fett season 2

  10. The only reason people take guns outside their homes is to kill. Either hunting game or people. Sure there are ranges to practice but that is to make you a better killer. If you aren’t going hunting and you are carrying you want to kill. Open carry is just people who love guns but are constrained by law/religion to not murder so they have to find a situation that allows for justified killing of another human. Still murder. These twits have rage hardons for a breakdown of civil government so they can go and murder at will.

  11. With all due respect, you need to surround yourself with, and spend more time with, a variety of gun owners. Many many many gun owners carry for self defense and have no desire to actually use it. But they have it in case they need it. You don’t know me or anything about me, but I feel like you’ve prejudged me as someone who is angling to kill people. And that’s not right (meaning, both incorrect and also an unfair conclusion to reach based on just one piece of information).

  12. Self defense involving killing the person. It may be a valid use case but that does not change the point. Guns are weapons meant for killing. That is all. Kyle had no need to defend himself. He could have just not fucking went. And carrying the gun made him a clear threat so he almost certainly would have been in less danger without one. But of course shooting people was the point.

  13. I personally would not open carry even if my state allowed it. Having a visible firearm, especially a rifle, creates tension in many people. If I went to a protest and saw someone open carrying, I would be extremely suspicious and would stay clear of that person - far clear. I wouldn’t want to create that tension in others, so I wouldn’t do it.

  14. Hey, not all death threats can be about not liking the latest Star Wars film. Gotta mix it up a bit.

  15. Chark/St. Brown/Jameson is just broken, football gods had to give Jameson an injury to nerf us a bit

  16. Tbh I wonder if we could’ve even gotten Jameson without the injury.

  17. If a sniper hits you in the chest in that environment, you done fucked up.

  18. What a ridiculous comment, especially in light of the top comment in this post.

  19. Sadly I know who Boebert is. I don’t recognize anyone else and don’t want to, I assume.

  20. The woman to Boebert’s right was on the Mandalorian but then she outed herself as a nut and got shitcanned. In case anyone was wondering if she should get a second chance, this is the nail in that coffin.

  21. Well, nobody here knows that it did turn out bad to begin with, that's just a very much unconfirmed rumor. Even a bad movie that has poor returns makes more profit than a movie that doesn't come out at all, and putting it on stream has costs so negligible they might as well be zero, so I don't really buy that this is the reason.

  22. What I read is that the effects and music weren’t fully done. Putting it out on stream would gain them zero dollars but cost millions.

  23. They’ll stop beating that dead horse when it stops spitting out money.

  24. Anti-gunners have found another way to crack down on so-called “assault weapons.”

  25. How about sticking to guns instead of peddling other right wing talking points?

  26. Tron is the literal crocodile of Modern; it's been around since the dawn of time and it hasn't needed to evolve much to continue to be a force in the food chain. Every time people say it's dead, BOOM, here's Tron. Meta conditions, hate cards...doesn't matter. Tron is still there.

  27. And yet, still 4c elementals vs murktide in the finals. Tron can show and place well, but I honestly don't think it's really possible for Tron to take down a tournament anymore. 4c can actually win the long game against Tron. This saddens me as a Tron player.

  28. Lance (Tron) played Felix Sloo (Murktide) twice lost both in very close 3 game matches. both fantastic players. dodging hammer and Heliod are big but I think tron had a good match up against 4/7 other decks and murktide pretty close in favor of murktide if the pilot is nearly as skilled as Felix is.

  29. I love Tron. But I’ll become a believer again when it actually wins literally anything. The reality is that 4c and murktide are powerhouses and don’t have to do anything “special” as far as deck building or side boarding to be able to beat it on average.

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