1. Compare the playoff teams Hakeem took down to the tiny amount Giannis has. Giannis has beaten no legit contenders in his career. When he has gone up against contenders, he underperforms

  2. Do you mean Detroit Pistons guard Isiah Thomas?

  3. Not top 5. His team was perfectly well rounded which overrated him slightly but he was still a top 10 PG

  4. If you value rings he's certainly top 5. Turns out when it comes to PGs the 20/10 guys usually don't amount to much.

  5. Dumars outplayed him in tons of series and even got a fmvp. If you think Thomas carried at the lvls someone like Nash did then that's crazy

  6. Probably only Luka. Guy like jokic wouldn't fit as good.

  7. Not sure if Luka would fit into the Warriors system as well though

  8. Currys cast was bad on offense with him these finals. Luka would make it work. Curry did a heavy solo carry on offense. Not saying it's guaranteed win but Lukas closest as Dubs need an elite offensive PG if replacing curry. The dubs cast wasn't that elite for curry even though they were much betgwr than the mavs. Got scary at times

  9. They should be concerned at how little open looks he was getting

  10. I was in the same situation when I found out. I just closed the tfsa and invested in rrsp instead at that time. Didn't report tfsa when I got caught up on my usa taxes.

  11. By the GMs though. In reality it’s not what it once was as we have some of the highest ticket prices in the league.

  12. Lol yea. Crowd is weak. I still manage to go a few times a year but get stuck in a corporate box. Everyone just there to flex all around

  13. These celtics were jokes. Pushed to the brink by hawks cavs pistons. If lakers didn't choke that one game then them too

  14. Kawhi has been the best in game dunker for a while. His dunks seem to come out of nowhere and he gets over anyone

  15. eh. kawhi's a beast but he doesnt have enough of those jaw dropping dunks to qualify. i'd argue pg's in game dunks are better

  16. I seem to remember more of kawhis than PGs. Kawhi has dunked on more notable players, maybe that's why

  17. Is there any team flat out tanking in the east lie, the Jazz, spurs and thunder?

  18. Maybe not flat out openly early on but they always have 3 to 5 teams who do the tank race in the new year. Pistons Pacers Magic probably

  19. Ya probably lol. They had a decent base going into this year but who knows now. But yea 5ish east team's always run the tank it seems

  20. Should be Curry. Celtics never had a chance once Bosh came back for those final 2 games.

  21. We close out the series if not for that insane Lebron performance. It doesn't go to game 7.

  22. Lol and if Bosh plays, the series end in 4 or 5. Same as 2011. And lebron ended that game after the first quarter. Celtics could barely broke 80 points. They weren't some op team you believe them to be

  23. Sixers will only contend if harden is their mvp

  24. The fact that Bananji got 0 kills in that arc is just garbage writing lol

  25. He made the show with a bunch of others. The seasons without him are ass

  26. It's 2011 by far. Huge gap between the 2 teams. Heat win that series 99/100 times. Just needed lebeon to be at 30% as opposed to the 20 he gave

  27. Arenas almost beat prime Lebron in the playoffs......he was neck and neck with AI in his few prime years

  28. This is a dumb way to measure lmao. Both cavs and wiz were trash when they met. Mitchell's been amazing in the playoffs against better competition as well anyways so this makes your comment even worse

  29. Because lebron was a liability and took the ball away from wade too much.

  30. Yes the anime is well worth regardless of animation. Some of the best voice actors in the industry were involved.

  31. Raptors get overrated on this sub even after looking like complete dogshit for half of that Sixers series. Every other team that lost dropped credibility. Their flaws have them as a 4-8th 1st round, MAYBE 2nd round exit but watch next season. Everyone will randomly start acting like they could make the finals again lol

  32. I mean I don't see anyone aside from 1 dude up here ever call them a contender. They should make playoffs and that's about it.

  33. Before the playoffs this season so many people were saying they could beat anyone/they’re sooo scary to play and the Sixers kicked their ass. People fall in love with that longboi shit but that roster as constructed isn’t getting past the 1st round

  34. They had 2 starters injured every game vs the sixers. They went 6. They definitely could've won if healthy vs them. Still doesn't make them contenders. The roster is great but you don't become a contender without a sure fire top 10 player anyways so I don't get why you're heated

  35. Yotanwa has Bajio. That alone tips the scene massively as he is arguably the strongest in the series. Mountain tribes are broken in this series

  36. Ouhon has beaten Earl Shi who was a great general even though he suicided.

  37. So Is the anime really not that bad anymore? I tried watching a tiny bit of the first season and it was awful because of the lack of blood and gore, I then remember hearing it got better at season 3 so I took a look and yeah it had blood and stuff but it still didn't feel like kingdom to me, it still felt somewhat censored to me, idk the manga just feels like it has a lot more gore and brutality to me, am I wrong or have they fixed it because I dont really know lol.

  38. Anybody knows what's next? I kind of forgot. It'll probably cover Kanki's incident with the Hi Shin unit but don't remember what's after that

  39. The Hills battle vs Keisha and Kisui followed by Gyou.

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