1. Just a heads up with House of CB - a lot of their stuff isn't R friendly like I hoped it would be. I tried a bunch of their stuff on at Nordstrom. Their cuts seem to be very straight because there is a lot of structure. Hardly any of their items have stretch either. I am usually a size 4 (S) with other brands. Some of their M pieces were still way too small, and the L was way too big. I was only able to have luck with the pieces that do not have a lot of boning involved like

  2. I'm on the hunt for the perfect milkmaid dress or top. It's rough out there for petite sizes!

  3. Have you checked ASTR the label? I got a cute milkmaid dress from them!

  4. Imo it would look better with the puff sleeves on your shoulders in stead of on your arms. It looks a bit messy.

  5. She's a 9.5 at minimum. I can't pick out any flaw with her really.

  6. Mods I found another man^ also any full Indian person can have a face shape or facial features like this. This woman literally passes for a full North Indian

  7. These pics are filtered to hell. It's impossible to rate her. Apparently this is what she looked like back in 2019.

  8. that’s not her that’s elizabeth zaks (another fitness youtuber who genuinely seems like a sweet person!)

  9. Oops my apologies! I found her in the same link that had Daisy in an interview.

  10. 10! She's really so stunning. Her eyes are warm, yet piercing. And her smile is so radiant!

  11. she got the typical wasian look lmao

  12. I can't really rate her. All I can say is that these forced baddie expressions are doing her no favors.

  13. I think 6.5 is about right. She's cute in an every day, familiar way.

  14. I swear, she gets posted every week. I still say she's a 7. She's definitely above average with good bone structure and pretty eyes. The procedures she got done make her look a bit more masculine at times. I thought she was prettier before her surgeries. She might've been a 7.5-8 if she kept it more natural.

  15. Jeffree Star Eyeshadow palettes. I love his Blue Blood and Blood Sugar palettes, the formula is great and the colors are super saturated. Not a fan of him as a person but damn he makes good eyeshadows. The Thirsty palette is also awesome, love the glitters.

  16. I got a JS lipgloss from Nordstrom Rack a few months ago and damn, the formula is nice.

  17. I'm happy to see that they can (seemingly) be cool with one another!

  18. 5 because she’s not fat. That’s it. Face is not that cute.

  19. She's at least an 8, although I think she took it way too far with the procedures.

  20. 8.5 she shouldn't have gotten so much fillers/surgery done imo :( she's still beautiful but looks a lil uncanny, like something's off, and when you look up pre-surgery (or minimal work) pics, that vibe isn't there

  21. 2016 seemed to be the peak for a lot of the IG girls (Kylie, Kendall, Hailey Bieber, EmRata, Bella Hadid). They've all gone too far now.

  22. This is pretty. I may gift this to my roommate, who is a newbie to makeup. How would you describe the texture/quality?

  23. I think she’s very pretty, at least a 7, but her “earthiness” can make her seem not quite so special

  24. What do you mean by earthiness? I do get the same vibe from her as I do with ScarJo. I'm just curious on what your take is!

  25. I'd say 6? His bone structure looks decent. Otherwise, everything looks average.

  26. I saw a meme a while back that mocked skinny jeans and side parts for being ‘old’ and I took it super personally lmfao. The audacity.

  27. Ugh I CANNOT do with a middle part though. It'll make me look like Samara from The Ring.

  28. Oops I meant to say a MIDDLE part. Side parts for life, for me too!

  29. Ohh damn that's actually very pretty. I hope it performs well.

  30. He looks “cheesy” to me lol, but objectively 7.5 - 8

  31. I get what you're saying, the "bro" aesthetic isn't appealing to me lol. He's definitely at least a 7.5 with all things considered.

  32. I think you have average projection so need something in between the Panache Ana (projected) and the Chantelle Festivite (shallow).

  33. They were both labeled 30F! That makes sense as well, I found that some of the bras recommended for shallow breasts (Natori Feathers and BTempt'd Ciao Bella) felt way too constricting. What would be some bras recommended for average projection?

  34. Chantelle uses US sizing. Did you find the 30F under US sizing or UK sizing? For instance, I'm a UK 34G but in Chantelle US sizing I'm a 34i.

  35. Spoiler alert: FK is really not doing Kibbe. Surprise surprise lol.

  36. I do like the VS Cloud and I've been loving the Natori Bliss bra. They're not EXACTLY the same. They do have a similar, jersey like feel to them, though.

  37. Hi! Can I DM you about some stores that are in my area, but are not listed on your site?

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