1. honestly though - where the fuck is our Mayor

  2. Dude, for real lol, that’s so accurate. I used to go all the time, not anymore. Like, I don’t understand these guys that open up new things while their once great things deteriorate. I really am starting to appreciate consistent, lasting businesses more and more. Like say Tacconnelis, Villa di Roma, Byrne’s etc.

  3. Almost all restaurants drop quality when they start expanding

  4. This is great news. With that said, will there be any consequences for the company whose irresponsibility caused this city-wide panic?

  5. We're all gonna forget about Trin-what company by the time Phillies home opener comes around

  6. When someone turns off the music and starts playing an acoustic guitar

  7. Yes, but it is entertaining and we are not really losing any potential PhD's there. Let them make money and lose few brain cells while at it...

  8. Lol yours is the most honest take I've seen on this post

  9. Criticize away... But me giving an opinion doesn't mean that I am deciding what they can enjoy

  10. First of all, how many drag shows exist out there that are targeted towards kids? In my experience of going to a few, none because they're all held at bars or adult concert venues later in the evening when kids don't go

  11. maybe but the instructions are clearly displayed

  12. Lmao for real, people admitting that they bought upwards of five or six cases, like how selfish is that

  13. It is Selfish but also, nobody wants their own family to be out of water, specially when almost the entire city is affected and there's no real guidance on how long it will last

  14. The alert said the water might be affected for the entire afternoon. No one needs 6 cases for one afternoon

  15. I think I read the Baxter plant was impacted. We are supposedly in the "not impacted" area but are going to use bottled just in case. That might be overly cautious but IDK.

  16. Given that most bottle water is also tap water, how do we confirm that is also not contaminated?

  17. It's fairly amazing that the emergency alert system isn't being utilized for this.

  18. When yer parked in feeling blue. Its time to call Lou.

  19. They don't come unless there's a cop... Cop doesn't come for 4-5 hours...

  20. Maybe, but isn't the risk of getting scammed far greater than the risk of getting bounced around the phone a few times to get the right answer?

  21. Yep... my wife is the same way, she hates calling... she'd rather have a 50 message conversation over a call that would resolve that conversation in five mins

  22. I don't think the "doers" somehow gwy tricked into doing everything and giving credit to someone else. I think there are people with soft skills and those without. Like it or not, software industry is also a typical corporate office where soft skills take you much further along the corporate ladder than just technical skills and the sooner you recognize that and work on soft skills, the sooner you will go up the ladder

  23. There are actual humans in the banks where you live?! I only get to see a human if I want to get a investment plan or loan otherwise its all happening on the ATMs

  24. Big banks don't even have humans for that... last time I walked into Chase to talk about a loan, they pointed me to a phone from where I could call their help desk... promptly walked out and to my credit union who were fantastic

  25. You know what I'd like to see? A no-tipping, no-table service restaurant where all staff are paid better, with quality food. I don't need to be served, poorly, at their leisure, waiting forever: just sell me good food. I can get off my ass when it's ready.

  26. They had one in my city... ran decently for 2 years and then shut down because they couldn't keep staff, all of who realized that they'd much rather have tipped jobs where they didn't pay much in taxes

  27. I’m 42 and 20% was always the norm to me. 15% always seemed to be as the minimum tip to not come off as a stingy asshole.

  28. Sorry idk where you live but I moved to the country 13 years ago and I learned from friends that it was 15% min and more if you received exceptional service

  29. If you are in the US where a motorcycle is a recreational toy, you either like it or you do not. Most riders do not really look at the value proposition and the comparison of the bike's maintenance costs with that of a car (the utility is vastly different)

  30. The difference is that the ratio is 30:1. I'll take one of these posts once a month telling people that nobody wants to hear about their contemplating quitting to the 30 posts I'll see about someone who saw a car inch out a little so they are quitting riding because they got scared. Just quit, or don't. Nobody cares.

  31. Where else would one go to share their experiences when they were motorcycling?

  32. Upvoting for visibility but I also don't agree with the sentiment. This should be a safe space for moto riders (current and former), and they should be able to express their sorrow at the end of an era in their life and share it with folks who understand and commiserate with them

  33. "Parking during the posted times could result in delay or cancellation for the day."

  34. My neighbors got tickets last year for not moving the cars during cleaning time... This sounds like they're just not gonna do it this year!

  35. With subtitles because I can barely understand Jamie's accent!

  36. I only have to use the touch screen for A/C + audio and it makes me want to sell my car every time I drive it. I can't imagine driving something like a Tesla where even the windshield wipers are controlled through the screen. The fact that it's even legal blows my mind.

  37. Android Auto in my Toyota is glitchy, laggy trash. I just keep it on Bluetooth.

  38. I have a Rav4 and Android Auto works perfectly with my Samsung S20... in fact, I like the Android interface much better than the Apple Car Play

  39. My wife depends on me. I been riding a motorcycle for years. She don’t want me to stop doing something I love. There’s that and the fact that I have life insurance and a mortgage free home. so all in all she would bonus $900k if I became a meat crayon. Wait a minute…..maybe that’s why she’s telling me to go ahead and ride…..son of a….

  40. I ride a motorcycle and have ridden them for years... I switched from a crotch rocket to a cruiser primarily because it is hard to not take risks on the crotch rocket... Having a cruiser gives me the satisfaction of riding a motorcycle while being safer (in my own style)

  41. Exactly. Why come back? Just wait a year or so for the GC country cap bill to be passed, after which a techie from Bangalore can go onsite and get GC in 2 years. Simple as that. Giving up such a life of luxury in the US with clean water, air, roads and 24/7 electricity and coming back to an overpopulated vegetable market that's stuck in a limbo, doesn't make sense.

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