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  1. Are you a heavy snorer? Overweight? Could look into a sleep study for sleep apnea. It's a game changer for a lot of people.

  2. Not a snorer and not overweight. I monitor my sleep with my watch and it looks ok, but its not a medical device so maybe it could be a possibility

  3. Ear plugs have really changed my life. I'm also a kind of paranoid sleeper, so even wearing them was an issue until it wasn't anymore. I enjoyed the complete silence so much more than I felt paranoid. By paranoid I mean any sound would send my brain running which would exhaust me even more. I also felt weird I couldn't hear and would exhaust myself thinking something could happen and I'd get no warning. Keeping something nearby that gave me security was life changing. I also always position my bed on a wall without other rooms on the other side. Or purchased sound deadening padding.

  4. Some floor padding could maybe help with vibrations?

  5. I must be in a parallel universe. I'm going through this nearly identically and I'm approaching it just the same as you are!

  6. Hello parallel me! Its still very early with this girl, she seems nice but I'm not going to rush anything. Wishing you luck!

  7. Uhm, not sure. Shes very confident and has travelled the world. Meanwhile, I, a self confessed extroverted introvert, am much more quiet, of the emotional kind. Somehow there is an emotional ( or rather, a start of) connection. And it caught me by surprise.

  8. I urge everyone to do like this lady/gentleman and invest in a dash cam. I am afraid to drive without one nowadays.

  9. I was so turned off by the goofy art style I never got through a mission. And I loved RA and RA2

  10. Same here. Still play RA2 to this day, but never finished a mission on RA3.

  11. Honest question, doesn't the overbuilding frenzy bother you?

  12. It's a pity. It feels much more "real" than simply facetiming someone. You are talking to someone via radio waves, that is very far away! Analog still holds a place in my heart; Digital, while efficient, has no soul.

  13. To each their own, but I think a little backlash is deserved when people just pass through and post a picture of a watch without prompting or engaging in any discussion.

  14. Oh come on. Its a sub on the Apple Watch. The guy/girl is happy with their purchase and wanted to share. There is no need for backslash.

  15. Always trust your gut feeling. I am so sorry OP. We are (virtually) with you. You are not alone.

  16. And the other 4 was brazil and argentina. And the last time a non european team won the world cup was 20 years ago. TWENTY.

  17. I don't think Google and Samsung Pay are officially supported in Malta, not without sideloading the apk, anyway.

  18. If you sideload an old version of GPay, temporarily set your Rev address to a country supported, create a virtual card and add it to GPay, it works. The hassle is that if it goes wrong you have to do the whole process again

  19. So I've heard. Im on Apple and I can tell you it works flawlessly.

  20. But you're both on line at the bagel shop.. She's reading your favorite book and humming the song that's been stuck in your head all month. Could she be "the one"? I used to think so but now I just know that bitch is gonna take the last whole wheat everything bagel.

  21. Same. I have pretty impeccable oral hygiene, been that way for most of my life. But here I am, going to the dentist tomorrow for ANOTHER root canal, while my SO chugs sweet tea and hasn't had a cavity in years.

  22. Hello, me from another country. Am on a first name basis and even went out with his assistant once. Also I am pretty sure I partly paid for his Range Rover.

  23. Bene, vedo che il processo di italianizzazione è già a buon punto!

  24. Nope, not annexation. We need you to take all the immigrants from North Africa, so a Personal Union more likely

  25. We only have 520,000 people in an area of 316sqkm, plenty more space to fill up

  26. Can confirm sadly. We are living in what many are calling a "Mafia State".

  27. The common people? For sure.

  28. i’m in malta now, and my flight here from mexico (3 weeks ago, a full 2.5 years after the UK officially left the EU and 1.5 years after the transition period ended) connected in LGA. it’s amazing how many Brits got in the EU/EEA/CH line after landing in malta, and were told by the immigration officer to go get in the “All Passports” line, and grumbled about doing so—probably half the plane at least. it’s like, well, you voted for this so… 🤷🏻‍♂️

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