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  1. Yes. When my parents are at home I usually study and not come out of my room but when I am home alone, that is the only time I get privacy and can watch something on TV or do what I like in peace.

  2. I wish I knew the best answer for this. I just try hope things will get better, and tell myself to stick around because things could change. I could change too. I think of my friends too.

  3. Same. I have that little hope left that maybe it will get better and I will have the opportunity to have a family whom I will love and care about a lot.

  4. A few weeks back, Rihanna had reacted to the Farmer's Protest happening in India. Do you know what Indians who are against the protests did? They started streaming Brown and hailed him on Twitter. Thanked him for beating her up, and even shamed Rihanna on getting abused by him. Such is the mentality of people! I really don't have much words to comment on this because I'm still shook by this event.

  5. Oh, this!! I was really shook how people can stoop down so low and saying Chris Brown did the right thing ugh!!

  6. That's wonderful. I bet your artwork looked really beautiful and you put all your love and efforts in it. My parents also used to throw the cards and gifts I used to make them. So, now I have stopped making it for them altogether. Instead, I make for my friends who will actually keep it.

  7. I hope you are doing fine now and your husband treats you well. I am really sorry you went through it. You deserved better. Take care ♡

  8. Omg I relate with you so much. Same condition with my brother and mother. She babies him so much and mind you he is 11 years older than me. Always you made him mad and blah blah. My brother used to hit me but no it was my fault. No matter what you do for them it doesn't matter.

  9. This cake is beautiful. You can write the age your friend is turning to as the apartment number.

  10. This happened to my cousin sister. She went to a shop to recharge her phone and the guy used her number to contact her and said disgusting things.

  11. The most common mistake is when friends turn into potential lovers that they stop being themselves. Don’t over think and just be yourself and everything will be fine.

  12. So, should I discuss this with him? That I am feeling awkward and insecure? Or let it be and be like I used to be before?

  13. Yea everything should be in the open in a relationship. Everyone is gonna have jitters especially when doing anything the first time. If anything he’s gonna assure you everything will be fine which it should be.

  14. Um, thank you. I will try talking to him but what scares me the most is that what if he changes his mind after exams and loses interest. Then I feel like at that point I would be so deeply invested that it would hurt more if he rejects me.

  15. Those are really amazing, hun. Keep it up, I bet those tasted as good as they look.

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