1. I do like the 'if it doesn't spark joy, get rid of it' part of her work. But I couldn't get rid of that many books. I'm down to about two large bookcases from six, which is an accomplishment all on its own, and nowadays I buy most of my books digitally.

  2. that's just utter nonsense. But if your cat has a patch of white then yeah it's technically calico

  3. Not true. Cat fancy recognizes 'tortoiseshell with white' as a black- or orange-dominant tricolor cat with some (but not majority) white.

  4. Imagine someone is watching your mage do something. If they go "that was lucky" or "that was a heck of a coincidence" then your magic is coincidental. If they go "holy shit you cast a spell" then you're using vulgar magic.

  5. If you pull the knife out of a pocket that could fit it, it's coincidental. If you pull a machete out of your jeans pocket, it's vulgar.

  6. I wasn't trying to correct you, so much as amplify/expound. Apologies if it sounded condescending.

  7. I do the same but I just realized I focus more on behavior for older men- opening/ holding the door for me, I'll smile, eye contact and thank them "That's so kind of you!" etc.

  8. If I ever see you shopping, I'll be sure to compliment your cloak. :D

  9. I do a lot of local political activism and a cop recently revealed to me that the department refers to me as Lady Liberty because I remind them of the liberty tax people standing on the side of the road lol.

  10. He's the one using up more of society's resources, HE should be the one 'giving back.'

  11. YTA. Not everything is about you. Her choices to change her eating habits are not about you. Maybe she just doesn't want to eat a large slice, and prefers just a little taste.

  12. I love the little Mondrian Pusheen tucked away there...

  13. Yes and not just from on side lmao. The vast majority of us here are left wing and kind, reasonable people. But in my home country (Germany), witchcraft, esotericism, folk-magic, paganism, "druidism", etc. all have a long history in the far right too, all the way back to the actual Nazis.

  14. It shouldn't have to be, but in modern days, in many places, it is political because it means you're not mainstream Christian, not conservative, and woman-positive.

  15. I'm mildly on the spectrum, though I don't have the diagnosis on paper.

  16. i actually think he isnt consistent. when Vaush was debating a black youtuber who was trying to explain black nationalism and black separatism to him (note: he was aggressively debating her while she was trying to simply explain a movement to him that she isnt even a part of herself) he had nowhere near the understanding and empathy for those groups as he is showing now for right leaning young men. thats just my opinion from what ive seen though

  17. I totally GET Black separatism -- I just hate the idea that Black people are in such a shitty position in this society that this is a viable option for them.

  18. ...I didn't realize Vaush was a right-wing apologist. Probably because I don't really spend much time listening to people who like the sound of their own voices.

  19. Uggggh. How do these retrograders always end up in academia?

  20. You always look so fierce and amazing! Especially love seeing you killing it in a crop top, that style looks so awesome on you.

  21. I’m sure Chik-Fil-A’s fine chicken but I’d starve before supporting killers

  22. If I had millions to invest, I would start a chain called Chik-Fil-Gay, with rainbow motifs and pro-LGBTQ+ hiring policies.

  23. Oh, I love that! Old textbooks from literature classes are particularly fun for this. It got to the point where I would prefer used texts for the side notes. :)

  24. I went for the points on Sephora, figured that at some point I'd need to re-up and eventually will see a sample I want as opposed to one that's just okay.

  25. If you're not supposed to marry in fun, who the hell am I gonna tell my fart jokes to, the cats?

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