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  1. I already have animations turned off in my settings, so I don't know why this is suddenly appearing. Is it a new feature? It's way too distracting. I also don't think it's helpful, since in real life I don't have the luxury of knowing what word is new or old.

  2. I’m not sure what animations you have. When I encounter a new word it’s just highlighted (like in our screenshot). Does something further happen?

  3. Those little purple bubbles by the highlighted word actually move. D:

  4. Every league is different and the amount of XP needed will depend on the users. If you are in a league with people interested in XP, the points will trend higher and it will be competitive. If you’re with more casual users or those who aren’t interested in the XP aspect, it will trend lower.

  5. Oh that's interesting about Irving being the Mr. Milchick in the past. That would be mind-blowing.

  6. That makes me think our theory of Milchick possibly being an always-innie (like Miss Casey) may be a possibility. He could have been rotated up from the testing floor to replace Irv when whatever earlier Severance-testing went awry. I think a lot of testing has been done, shuffling various severed employees and always-innies all over the severed floor at Lumon.

  7. If Milchick is a perma-innie, then how is he able to be himself while walking with Helena through the building before her severance procedure, and again outside in the stairwell when Helly R leaves and regresses back to Helena?

  8. If he’s a permanent innie than he never switches. Since he’s a Lumon severance management-type, he has the same exposure to the severed employees as Harmony does. Harmony would be aware he’s fully severed (and has no outside life as far as we know) and thus is a fully Lumon-controlled person. He would most likely be fully integrated into Lumon life and Eagans-as-deity.

  9. I haven’t seen it in about a week or so. Kind of a bummer.

  10. I would not use only Duo to learn a language, although I think it’s a fine tool to start. I am mostly using it to learn German but also brushing back up on French and dabbling in a couple more. For German, I use a few different websites and resources to study grammar and expand my vocab. I am ordering a German textbook and may eventually take a class or two. I am also trying to consume some German media - movies, shows, podcasts, etc. Anything to try and get as much exposure as I can to learn and listen. There may be a subreddit for your language you can join for additional resources as well.

  11. Are you using mobile or a computer/browser? I know when I use my laptop there is a little keyboard icon in the bubble exercises to click to use manual entry rather than bubbles. On mobile I get a mix of bubble and typing exercises but no keyboard icon to choose.

  12. I've tried turning it off and on again already, did nothing

  13. That’s so strange. I would contact Duo support for sure!

  14. On the Duo website, go to the More option on the left menu and then click Help. That opens the Duo help page. Scroll down and you’ll see an option listed to Report a Bug. You can then fill out a form and explain what’s happening. You can include a screenshot as well. They should send you an email. And no problem. Hope they get it fixed for you!

  15. Oh! Thanks for the clarification. I'm so glad I posted this. Duolingo should stick to one correct answer or show multiple ones then! I had just failed the exercise and got a different valid answer for it.

  16. Duo should be correcting with explanation here - explaining the article vs throwing out a random noun (sometimes one that hasn’t even been introduced). I know there are some examples where it will do this, but they seem few and far between and offered less for courses beyond Spanish/French.

  17. That is 9 lessons per day over 5 days (Duo always leaves off the last 24 hours in their day), split between two people. I don’t think that is excessive, but I tend to use Duo at least 20-30 mins a day, depending. Maybe try doing like 2-3 lessons at a time a couple of times per day to spread it out if you really want to complete it.

  18. With the splintering of streaming services comes things jumping platforms constantly. It’s hard to keep track of for sure. End of month is a standard time for things to expire and it seems that is what is happening with the titles here.

  19. Aw man so they remove basically their whole catalogue 😢 as far as I see there are like 2 movies not leaving. That’s tough. Makes you wonder what the point is in having studio particular subscriptions if it’s not the whole permanent selection. Thanks for the answer though

  20. I’m sure they will offer new titles to replace the ones leaving. I can’t imagine MGM not having as many titles as the other channel streamers. I used to have it when it was Epix and they seemed to keep a good little library of things going month to month. But yes it’s a bummer when things drop off for sure!!

  21. Agree. I think that is elitist and leaning into a bit of gatekeeping. I 100% understand not wanting or accepting questions from duo users, no issue there. But the tone and sentiment? Nah.

  22. All streaming services are losing content and/or rotating more content due to the splintering of services. No service will be like Netflix and Prime were back 5-10 years ago. I’m fine with Primes offerings as we get Prime anyway for delivery and some other bundled services.

  23. This is freaking fantastic! Yessss! Here’s hoping it’s going to be 3 seasons and done. I’d rather get a complete story and only 3 seasons then have it be cancelled before the story is finished (looking at you, Netflix).

  24. Didn’t it debut on Paramount+ in the United States?

  25. I’ve never read the book- is this a story that’s accessible to uncultured plebs like myself?

  26. Yes! We call this “frog legs” in our house. 🐸

  27. We call this frog-leg dog or splooting too! I love a good frog-leg pose <3

  28. I really thought “snow gentleman” was just another hip phrase I was unfamiliar with lol. Love it

  29. This is the way I think it should be for the bubble option - Duo should let you choose to manually type if you would rather.

  30. I don’t mind a mix of the two, although I think they should always give the option to type. I learn best when I write out answers myself. I even keep an old school notebook and take notes by hand as I work my way through Duo lessons. The more ways I consume and repeat language, the better for me.

  31. I was in Emerald league this week, and the demotion point was at about 800 XP. That seems to be about average to lower side for a group that uses Duo daily, but not excessively so. I’ve been in leagues where the cutoff was around 2-3k, and not even Diamond yet. It seems to be luck of the draw as to what the thresholds will be any given week.

  32. Have you tried adding the language you are learning as keyboard on your device?

  33. Did you enjoy Better Call Saul? I ( and I’ve been down voted to the abyss over it) found the pacing so slow. It certainly has its moments though

  34. I did, although I haven’t gotten to watch the full final season yet. Still have the last like 6-7 episodes to watch.

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