1. Worse thing is that he’s not the only one here with such history.. And we accept such people with such history as if they just threw trash in the street.

  2. In the UK youd probably end up in prison for knocking over a pedestrian crossing the road unless you were totally unable to stop in time.

  3. In Germany the pedestrian gets fined if crossing the road not on pedestrian crossings.

  4. nope. you're wrong. Jaywalking is not illegal in Malta. The only law that the highway code gives is: do not cross the road at any other point where there is a subway/pedestrian crossing within 50 metres.

  5. Malta mhux kull 20 mtrs biz-zebra crossing jew pedestrian lights.

  6. I'm open to suggestions. The worse the experience the better

  7. Busy Bee is Sliema have a horrible service. You can easily walk out without paying and won’t notice (that’s how much one is ignored in that place). The one in Mriehel depends who’s on shift. There’s one who charges you for extra items and starts yelling cause you inform her about the mistake and a few others who don’t know on which planet they’re living.

  8. Handy for plotting assassinations through, an often underlooked advantage.

  9. Show me a pro-life placard or post that says that the baby's life is worth more than the mother.

  10. They are against them because as they stand, the wording is vague and open to interpretation. And because some have been made to believe that a women at 9 months pregnant could claim to be suffering a mental breakdown because of the baby, so doctors will prescribe them an abortion as a 'cure'.

  11. Min jaf dawk il-pro lifers kemm tellghu Sqallija jaghmlu abortions u ma qalu lil hadd. Ghax sess qabel iz-zwieg hazin. There was a Maltese woman married to someone from Catania and used to take them for abortions. The list was long.

  12. I was in Malta a few weeks ago it's a gorgeous place. Or should I be worried 😯

  13. Air pollution is bad. They say London is polluted. Malta is far worse. There’s noise 24/7 - it’s either people honking their car; shouting in the street; vegetable hawkers honking non stop (together with multiple other hawkers); construction with no concept of time or laws. It’s overpopulated and congested with traffic. It’s small yes, and everything close by, but it will take you long to arrive somewhere. I work in an office approximately 10km away from home and travel by car during non-rush hours. It still takes me 30 minutes if not more sometimes (by bus it takes me 1.5 hours). Winter weather is nice, but summer is a living nightmare. Yes we have (polluted) beaches but you can barely breathe sometimes with the hot weather.

  14. I agree with you 💯! I tried redeeming a 20c voucher at the commissary at university only to tell me that I have to go to a supermarket. It is a scam, alright. It is more worth it if you buy the 6-gallon water battle with dispenser than buying six packs of water than giving those goons 60c extra! Refill the same bottle again, again and again. Just buying a bottle of water now costs €1.05. It's insane. Water is supposed to be the cheapest drink out there. Don't support these a-holes. It's not worth your time.

  15. And technically, by law, you cannot tax something which is a basic need. One cannot tax something which a person needs in order to survive.

  16. I agree with you. They should consider switching back to glass. It's more legit and glass is reusable

  17. It’s the last month of the year. They need to increase the number of cars they stop so it will be nice on paper that they are doing their job. Last year they stopped everyone passing through the airports. This is usually the reason.

  18. Have you seen what the Archbishop said?! You cannot kill a life to save another one. So he’d rather kill 2 instead of 1.

  19. I hope you don’t assume the Reddit username is showing some sort of identity of the person... A proper Reddit user would never do that

  20. Lasagna tan-nanna, b’gelat akbar mill-platt tal-lasagna wara

  21. Personally, it’s wiser to choose the level of air pollution than the weather.

  22. €20 to €30 only? Today I bought 4 packs of small tuna (12 in total) and 2 feta cheese (cheapest option) from Lidl and the bill came up to €17. And Smart is bloody expensive!

  23. I improved a lot by going to the gym and changing my diet. I still find it difficult sometimes to sleep but these past few month I hve been sleeping with white noise and I find it so suiting.

  24. If private school try St Micahel’s. The head of school is the owner is not mistaken and she really cares about the students. It’s true certain schools are better than others, but it all depends who’s in charge, so double check the public school in your area.

  25. You know what’s also illegal? Shaving your bread whilst driving.

  26. We have to educate women as well that verbal abuse is equally as bad as physical abuse

  27. You’re so right… men help men. We help each other make money, we don’t go after promotions so our male friends take it, we take the blame at work so our male friend always look good. Hiring? I want to work in an office with a 100 men! Not women, yuck! #sausagefest4life

  28. Men help men. Sometimes they help women. Women help men. Sometimes women never help women.

  29. If I may ask… What reason were you actually given for having your project rejected?

  30. All members have to be publicly involved or know someone who is in parliament - Mainly PL, but some PN members would suffice. They told us the idea is great but we have to step out of the project and allow Ms X to do the project cause she’s well know with the Labour government.

  31. 100% agree.. I once had to do a talk to a class who were continuing their studies to join the police force.. I asked them why they chose to continue in such field.. The class was made up of 26 students. 17 of them told me "Heq ghax nistghu naghmlu xiz-zobb irridu". So, unfortunately, there's a handful of police officers who go over and above, and actually care, but the majority are either young adults with no sense of discipline or are pensioners who are only interested in getting a paycheck at the end of the month.

  32. I’m a woman and don’t believe in this word “femicide”. Women do more domestic violence on men, but psychological not physical. Sometimes, psychological abuse is much worse.

  33. Yup … The laptop was shaking bad and so was the office building 😬

  34. There was a good comic doing the rounds where it showed how things have changed. Fifty years ago, the teachers and parents would scold the child if he didn't do well. Nowadays, the parents and the child scold the teacher if the child didn't do so well. Teachers aren't always given the right tools and motivators to do their job well. No wonder our education system is a mess.

  35. Unfortunately, nowadays, a handful of students are graduating without passing the assignments and/ or exams. The management are passing some students so numbers will be high and nice on papers.

  36. Doesn’t teachers have control over students ? Isn’t the school where the discipline is taught and takes action ?

  37. No. Teachers have no rights. Head of schools are mostly politically appointed (majority government schools) and they don’t want to disappoint the ministers. So they tend to side with students. Last year I went to teach a 16year old class and one of the students told me “Qazziztli zobbi”. I went to report him to the directors and they told me that they are clients and we have to bare with their attitude.

  38. Your parents grow older and decline in health. It's awful to witness.

  39. My dad had declined so much in the past 2 years. He looks like he aged 10 years. It makes me so sad that sometimes I hate visiting as i’ll end up an emotional wreck on the way home.

  40. San Gwann or Pembroke would be best then. Just a 10/15 minute walk to St Julians.

  41. I stay in Swieqi. It’s a a nice area with no construction going on .

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