1. She seems pretty well adjusted and mature, I think she's going to be just fine.

  2. I guess I am wondering why they were trying for a baby when both weren't on board with it. I agree his reaction isn't ideal, but from other comments (I don't follow their social media myself), it doesn't sound like he's been that excited about the prospect of a baby. As someone who is childless by choice, I am getting the feeling he is being pressured into this by her, and that's not cool either.

  3. From their podcast, he seemed ok with having a baby just not super excited or worried that she wasn't immediately pregnant. MyKayla on the other hand was stressing out about not getting pregnant immediately and is dying to have kids.

  4. They don’t seem very devout, maybe that would help? Probably not.

  5. She has mentioned going to temple together on their podcast. I think they're typical practicing mormons.

  6. Right?? Wtf does "feminine energy" even mean

  7. She has an annoying voice. Fine on her first season, but she came back two seasons later and spent the entire season in bed with her boyfriend (Corey, who was actually an alternate for a season or two back during the Dirty 30 trilogy), and ended up beating fan-favorite Paul in the Final 2 (thanks Natalie Negrotti). Then she was on All Stars 4 seasons after that and I stopped watching because the Janelle and Kaysar stans wouldn’t stop bitching about everything. But Nicole was also a main part of a giant alliance that essentially ruined All Stars from my understanding.

  8. Her voice is awful. That alone makes me never want to see her on TV. But I don't care about all of her showmances and riding men to the end that a lot of the dislike of her is based on. She was slut shamed a lot on S18, back when that was still acceptable.

  9. She brought very little entertainment/drama to BB24, I don't know why people think she's going to be entertaining on the challenge. On BB she was basically a non entity in terms of game and no one took her seriously. Is it just because she's Brazilian?

  10. She's not personally my favorite, but is towards the top from that cast. Aside from that she brings a lot to the table that could make good TV. She had a lot of potential on BB, just played a little too obvious/controlling (and had a crap ally in Alyssa). Dominant women did pretty well on the first season, so the Challenge US might be a better fit for her in general.

  11. awe, didn't expect to see Morgan in that vault explanation clip.

  12. So sad for Lexi! Does anyone know when the start lists were put out? She’s on the floor start list but none of the others. I wonder if they already were planning to limit her before deciding to pull her completely.

  13. Interesting, but floor uses like every part of the body. With an injury I'd think of someone doing just beam or bars (if it's a leg issue).

  14. He's funny but also kinda messy, which is the opposite of Chellsie who never says anything that could upset anyone.

  15. Probably the strongest first boot in bb history, she had everyone wrapped around her finger it was insane

  16. If you can't keep your mental health in check then you're not a strong player. It gets a lot of players, though hers was an extreme case.

  17. Haleigh’s floor score getting raised to 9.975 is absurd. She had a very visible landing issue on third pass

  18. I read on twitter that an Bryce's beam score was raised .1 due to a start value inquiry for a leap connection.

  19. Yeah the resilience of their team is absolutely insane. Despite everything, pulling it together is something that needs to be recognized!

  20. yeah, it has to feel good for women who don't usually get spots and then go on to perform well.

  21. If it's a cost-cutting decision then it feels incredibly entitled for fans to complain about a free product being taken away.

  22. entitled? The feeds are the show. If it's not entertaining people aren't going to watch. It's not about feelings.

  23. I know y’all love her but Arisa drives me crazy- like girl stfu don’t try and play this off

  24. Six days later and that was the best she could come up with. I'm sure she isn't really allowed to speak her mind, but also, the show isn't going to fire Arissa and lose the feeds. She could probably say whatever the hell she wants.

  25. Bridgette, Joseph, Shelby, three fun and just a little goofy people. Johnny Mac if I can pick a fourth so I can hear Shelby and Johnny Mac laugh together.

  26. I was going to ask how she was allowed to coach...but then I remembered this is gymnastics.

  27. I wonder if every time an investigation hit the presses if the other coaches breathe a sign of relief because it takes the heat off of them. It seem like at least half of the US elite coaches have some sort of abuse allegations.

  28. Well the one thing bbus does better is the feeds so not surprised.

  29. A show that started 23 years ago. Times have changed, and I'm not sure social media can handle Big Brother anymore. Every season the discussion surrounding the show gets increasingly more hostile. People take the actions and words of the players personally and try to get involved in an inappropriate manner.

  30. Saaaddd. BUT Kensley just tweeted that he was included as a discretionary add?

  31. Loved the music, but something about it didn’t connect with the routine. Maybe because it’s new? Or maybe it’s just me.

  32. Is there anyone/anyplace keep a list of gymnasts who have achieved Gym Slams? It's occurred to me that Carey is the closest of the Tokyo Olympians.

  33. Not an olympian (yet), but I'm rooting for Aleah to get hers. She just needs bars now.

  34. Aleah is worthy of the gym slam. I mean, her bars are gorgeous, precise, and she has the piked deltchev. I won't be mad when she earns it

  35. yep, she is a true all arounder. I watched an interview where someone asked her about a bars 10 and she said that it was mainly sticking the dismount that was holding her back but that she hoped to put it all together. But more than anything I want her to stay healthy and make that Olympics run for the Philippines.

  36. That's a big high bar score for Fred Richard. I wonder if him being a senior now also helps Yul's chances of making teams since that is his weakness.

  37. And I can’t believe they’re swallowing their whole “mental health” argument, the producers want less work and less accountability, that’s it, it makes their job easier. They could care less if someone gets canceled on Twitter.

  38. Smart strategy to make people blame the crazy fans, when it's just production trying to save a buck.

  39. Chima brought so much to season 11, I know she hates bb but I’d love to see her return

  40. I’m shocked that Arissa didn’t stop this. She knows the fanbase and would know this would be bad

  41. She is the spokesperson and will have to comment on it at some point before the season starts. However, they aren’t dumb, they knew there would be major backlash so I’m assuming they will let it cool down a bit before mentioning it again

  42. I’ve been confused that she hasn’t made beam lineups, she looked useable at Meet the Bruins last year

  43. Did they put her on scholarship this year, or is she still basically a free gymnast for them?

  44. Hristakieva G - careful of the leg separations at the end (wider than shoulder width 0.3, as well as bent knees 0.1)

  45. Someone who retweeted it said that it's Haruka Nakamura from Namba which I think is a Japanese club. She's 14.

  46. Usually it's any man under 40 who is attractive and straight. It's a way overused term in the fandom. Who were the bros this season? I'd argue that Pooch is the only one who really fit that type, maybe Monte too but even he was a bit of a nerd. Joseph connects too well with women to really be that guy plus he has a brain, Michael and Turner are LGBTQ who don't even lift, Kyle is a sheltered ex mormon, Daniel is a performer/professional asshole, Terrance is middle aged.

  47. Anyone have a summary? I don't want to give my email address to read this article.

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