1. I will read all these comments later when I have time. To educate myself. My hair loss is so bad I can’t cover it. I’ve tried topics I’ve tried everything I think I’m just gonna go to a wig.

  2. I can’t take Prednisone... due to mental illness.. I do know it’s a steroid and is a weight gainer. But I find since I’ve been diagnosed my weight goes up and down. I take Hydroxychloroquine and use cannabis for pain management. I tried modifying my diet and I found less pain when I cut sugar and carbs out. It’s a challenge

  3. OK now you’re gonna say you’re a nymphomaniac or you can’t control your emotions? Do you come from a stable family? Having sex with multiple people and violating and crossing the boundaries of friendship are two different things...stop trying to back peddle. It’s not good look for you.

  4. Regret because you got caught. It would still be going on .... sneaky

  5. Yes! Same... I knew Reddit would not disappoint😂 I’m here for it

  6. She is trying too hard. No loyalty. There’s how many fucking thousands of men in California you gotta go after your inner circle....The quiet ones are the sneaky ones and she isn’t even that cute

  7. I think a good place to start would be the book The Lupus Encyclopedia.

  8. My sister bought me The Lupus Encyclopedia when I was diagnosed. Very informative

  9. My rheumatologist tells me hydroxychloroquine Protects against organ damage I don’t believe it does anything for pain

  10. I don’t understand I thought frothy urine was because of lupus. I have SLE. I have frothy urine. I don’t even pay attention in half the time I’m a caretaker I don’t have time to take care of myself unless it’s something outstanding like a flareup

  11. Monique in a run away car, with that inertia…brah that car ain’t stopping…never.

  12. Just do a little with the eyebrows. That’s all you need. You look beautiful ❤️

  13. She’s got no backbone. We would not have left that restaurant until he ate every single bite of that food

  14. Everyone is so polite with their comments ....I would throat punch someone who opened my mail.

  15. I don’t know why those shoes and those capris bother me

  16. Yes she is a grown woman. However she doesn’t live like a 22-year-old. In my opinion. My kids are 22 were in college working on their degrees they had their own places to live they drove they worked I think her parents held her back a little. Maybe I would too in that situation I don’t know. The fact that she dates is no big deal. Love is love ❤️

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