1. Mostly countries that were part of the Soviet Union

  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collective_Security_Treaty_Organization

  3. you mean using oldreddit is somehow not *reformer*, and is *okay*?

  4. What about the witches of Konotop who are making sure none of the young Russian soldiers can ever know the joys of fatherhood?

  5. Well, I’m off to plant this in tankie places to reap the pure copium this will produce.

  6. es meg igy is csak "elso 5" -ot mert josolni

  7. "cargo 200" is a russian code for soldiers corpses, so 200 = dead

  8. :) in these trying times you gotta stay objective

  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfg5P4afzTU

  10. es btw be vagy oltva ellene

  11. Ez egy tök jó karikatúra lehetne, kár, hogy semmi értelme.

  12. illetve sajna egy reposzter bot

  13. also let's not forget that Romania sold their biggest bank and the national oil company to Austrians (for peanuts) and there were also many instances of Austrian companies logging illegaly in Romania.

  14. What do the Kazakhs get out of this?

  15. A szankciók tönkreteszik az országot azzal hogy "470-480 milliárd forintos pluszbevételhez juttathatja a költségvetést." a kereslet nélküli olcsó orosz olaj miatt.

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