Andrew Tate handcuffed in prison van

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  1. I know a guy. He lived on a houseboat for almost 30 years.

  2. I havent been told happy birthday once in the last ten years

  3. When's your birthday? Someone will do a RemindMe post and we'll all wish you a HB.

  4. Well now. Does anybody know if there is a German word that describes this?

  5. Can you run down the pricing of your setup? I’m also in Florida and I’ve wanted to grow my own strawberries for a while.

  6. The only way your life could be worse is if you were in Iowa

  7. Wouldn't the pouch act as a sea anchor or can they pinch it shut like a butthole?

  8. Was gonna say too I’ve fished some similar structure by whitewater bay just as you enter from coot

  9. I love fishing that entire shoreline all the way to the east river

  10. Do you catch anything on that shoreline pit of tarpon river into whitewater?

  11. Yes. I got a 15 or 20 lb jewfish just east in that mud. Then snook and snapper at all the points.

  12. Collection plates must be getting lighter.

  13. Its a huge state. Pick a city for us at least. Miami is awesome. Naples is old people with money. Tallahassee would suck really. I pick Clearwater for you girls.

  14. Back in Black, You Shook Me All Night Long, and almost anything else by AC/DC

  15. I concur. I need a good 10 minutes at full speed. I like my song how it starts slow then hits about 80% for 3 minutes then full on 100% last 3 minutes. For a canoe sprint.

  16. I use 50,000 miles beneath my brain but need about 3 minutes more.

  17. All my life I thought I had a big pecker, and then the internet showed up.

  18. I have a mad river monarch as my primary but saw this kevlar beauty the other day and bought it. Its fast. Easy to paddle single blade. Needs a rudder.

  19. How does it compare to the Monarch? I have been pining after a Kruger boat for years now but the prices are astronomical.

  20. I can't compare until I get a rudder. Had my monarch out today. Heading into the current Tail wind 15mph. Sloppy. Then boat wakes. Then rebounding back off the sea wall. It was fun. No problem at all.

  21. I would stay in the hells bay lane bay pearl bay lard can loop. I think all are easy to reach from main park rd. Tarps and paracord make nice wind deflectors on chickee. Every inch of that area is beautiful so you can't go wrong no matter where you go. Att phones are your only chance of communication and internet. Probably be able to find service back up in there.

  22. Do hells bay trail to lane bay. Then to north river night two. Then maybe hells bay on last day. You're at the mercy of the reservations process which I have no idea how to do that part.

  23. I’m sorry to hear this. Have you filed a complaint with the state? Are you able to call malpractice lawyers? You have a limited statute of limitations and your health is important now, so id call asap.

  24. I am going to start the hunt for a lawyer. I just can't trust these people. I was leaning towards just finding a competent doctor elsewhere but yesterday I made my decision.

  25. Bet it's hard to fill up a Bugatti handcuffed inside a van.

  26. The pigtail that connects the wires to the vtec solenoid is often the problem.

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