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  1. Abandoned supermarket on a high pop server is disgustingly good,I have a bag near one on my server and pulled a Tommy and sar out of two separate military crates on one run so even if you don't build near it get a bag there,and get bags down at any monuments you run and areas you farm for quick respawn

  2. Damn good to know any suggestion on how to build a base properly? All I know about is the airlock

  3. Shoot first, ask questions later.

  4. And you checked on the item page that they weren't in your list of your items?

  5. Sometimes survivors will let the killer hit them into the exit. Franklin's isn't a common perk but some people still use it and it can take a second to notice your item is missing sometimes. Just a suggestion though, not sure if this actually happened twice in a row to you but it is possible.

  6. I know about franklins but both games i wasn’t hit late in the game and the 1st game the killer was friendly and never hit Any1

  7. Did around 30 and kept getting rice who I already had untradeable, got a dupe untradeable rodri, a jota who I didn’t have before and a Dias who I already had untradeable so it was a bit frustrating

  8. How did you do it? Buy golds or just use hugh ratings because i ran out of rare golds under 80

  9. I saved around 60 packs for epl tots and just kept putting the dupes in

  10. Guess my gender is more of a disappointment than I thought I was

  11. Since plunderer grants better items I love to run it with ace in the hole to get good items + good addons

  12. I’m leveling ace rk so I can unlock that and see if I can make a loot goblin perk load out

  13. Plunderers instinct. I’m a loot goblin and also like to use it to know where the basement is

  14. Rttk Bernardo Silva he’s played over 700 games for me and I chose to spend coins for an sbc when I needed an 90 rated instead of putting him in

  15. Yeah I’m definitely a hoarder when it comes to loot in the game I’m pretty sure I have 69 year 3 firecrackers

  16. It does for me, I play on xbox one and whenever I enter there are always 70 people playing in buried, 70 too on origins, 40 on mob and 300 on green run

  17. Very odd because I’m doing nothing right now I decided fuck it and pressed on public lobby and joined a 0/0 town and some1 joined which fixed the bug

  18. As an person who made their character be a Viking I’d definitely say the axes

  19. Any1 else that’s read the red rising series knows why I’m excited for their initiation. Also best book series I’ve ever read and will happily re-read it

  20. I like how the art from below just respected us and converted from color to grey scale transition.

  21. Yeah we did up to the worm as part of an agreement but then we were supposed to have our stuff inside the worm be colored. Only issue is people on this sub even after the mods of ur discord agreed to the deal have been greeting out things inside of the border. Bot annoying when the book series called RED Rising is greyed out

  22. My predictions r group a= Senegal Netherlands, group B=England, USA, Group C= Mexico Argentina, the World Cup curse will happen and group D=Denmark Australia/Peru/UAE, group E=Germany Spain, Group F=Belgium Canada, Group G= Brazil Switzerland, Group H= Portugal South Korea Can’t wait

  23. Looks like a 20m fall will insta kill a boss too. I wonder if this has be repeated with other bosses to verify. I believe I saw someone doing this in the twin gargoyle fight but that was a more traditional kill box. I know that the player takes damage between 16-19.99m and 20m+ is an insta kill. Imagine if you could cheese the first Tree Sentinel in the game, that would be really satisfying after grinding at him 10+ times before learning he’s not a boss for most early game players.

  24. Oh fuck theirs 2 of those bastards together I can barely survive 1

  25. My bowels to the parasite “I’m not trapped in here with you your trapped in here with me”

  26. Need to start Ranni’s quest to unlock it

  27. By “start” I meant “do the quest until they tell you to go kill Radahn”

  28. I’ve been considering that 1 but I’ve already got the great axe which also looks good

  29. Cup head or Texas chainsaw massacre. I’d rather get my face used as a mask than listen to any more god damn musicals

  30. Where’s the option of u come home and see a guy fucking her body?

  31. The car jackers I’m got their car taken instead karmas a bitch

  32. Yea im gonna have to agree with this, the only way i could see him in the game is basically a glorified twins clone and we do not need another twins

  33. Or maybe they could make a legendary skin for chucky with him being victor and they could use the human version of Tiffany as well

  34. Also apparently no one is doing online matches as every map has 0 players on them

  35. Yeah true it’s impossible to go 5 feet without this kind of thing happening

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