1. There are lots of entries on controller lag, but I haven't seen much lately.

  2. I will say I feel your pain as I like to try to complete them as well.

  3. For survival u can specify? I also like the extra challenges. I think just clearing the waves is too easy.

  4. Yes. It is part of the menu where you can turn matchmaking on or off.

  5. Would maybe suggest poison blade over burning blade for the katana if you are using the deadly nightshade technique and munitions for the smoke bomb, but otherwise looks fun and solid, especially once stats are maxed

  6. Initially tried to play hunter this way and it could be good with some changes.

  7. That's how that trial is done. Probably the easiest one. Believe you me, there are some that are near impossible if players either don't know the mechanics or are not prepared to go live on their mics 🤦

  8. like the Blood Ritual, the Village, and Kami Ridge which is this week's Trial.

  9. I had someone, assassin class, shooting poison darts at me between waves for some reason. People are getting bored, and weird in this game.

  10. It seems far too many people are getting their fun from antagonizing their teams instead of playing the game.

  11. New survival maps would help. The game is massive, there are so many other cool locations they could have added to online play. Or even just changing the location of the defense circles on the maps we do have. Change up the spawn points, idk

  12. I feel the best moments in the game are about needing to adapt and figure things out on the fly vs. memorizing exactly what is going to happen when.

  13. So bizarre they have 2 specific weeks you simply cannot complete alone, both having platforms: The Veil Between Realms and Caravan of Thieves.

  14. I think you are right that just those two are impossible for solo players to complete.

  15. Yeah Orbs are the worst modifier imo. They add nothing to the game in terms of variety in game play or strategy aside from camping/traveling on rooftops. Hwachas can be used against enemies and can encourage higher health builds. Disciples can be farmed for resolve and encourage careful planning while allowing you to travel. And overall encourage high DPS builds to kill waves before the disciples spawn. As well as make assassin useful for certain things.

  16. I 100% agree and they are a large part of why I don't do plat7.

  17. Sums up this week's trials. And last week's. And the week before

  18. It is interesting how it seems like fewer people are completing the trials each week. I know I keep getting teams that don't seem to have a clue.

  19. Oni Archers. They're simply the most tedious enemies to face. They aren't the most difficult. Just the most annoying and disliked for me. I either have to chase them down and stagger or just shoot arrows/throw bombs.

  20. You use Poison Blade but not Deadly Nightshade? How does it help?

  21. I find it is most useful with a water katana and surging strikes against Oni Lords and Archers especially. If poison procs against either one, you know you'll have a small window where they will hold still and not be a threat, which can be super useful in survival.

  22. Do you feel like stealth attack damage is capped at a certain level? I feel like if I use 3 25% sad on equipment with the 30% sad technique it does the exact same damage as using 2 pieces of gear with sad damage... I could be wrong but it seems like an extra 25% would be more noticeable.

  23. I have seen similar results. Maxing out doesn't make enough of a difference to account for giving up a perk slot - meaning I'm not suddenly able to one-shot enemies I could not without it.

  24. Killing the 17-18 ghost ronin before trying any ascension helps.

  25. I was thinking the same thing I’m just indecisive but I appreciate the input. I might just do that

  26. Fwiw, it might have changed, but there was an older youtube video where someone tested and even with max fire damage, fire master, etc, super massive still outperformed fired up as a kunai perk.

  27. ya that's a big point of contention that Kaze and I have talked about quite a bit. The entire 'resolve' system is probably in need of the biggest revamp (more than just 'haha bp no resolve'). Legends is often incentivized around ability to build Ultimate and/or fight at Range to minimize harm. Be interesting to see a GoT2 change that OR enhance it (depending on the direction SP wants to go)

  28. This is a very good point. You can gain a good amount of resolve from some melee, but it can be hard to pull off perfect parries if too much is going on keeping enemies from focusing and attacking.

  29. The story missions are really the best way to learn and a solid skills check before playing with others. It is not as much immediate fun as just jumping into higher level content, but it also doesn't seem much fun to get crushed in nightmare / platinum because you don't have a clue.

  30. I feel like a lot of these issues could be fixed with a better and more nuanced matchmaking system.

  31. I still find it so bizarre SP decided that it needed such a nerf in the first place. Stealth attacking is already one of the most difficult/less optimal play styles to begin with. I think it is a shame that SP did not provide more of a buff/incentive for stealth attacks in general...

  32. Playing assassin with magma bomb was so beautiful and fun when it first came out and now it is mostly a waste of space.

  33. I'm loving immunity putting the pressure on people to get good utilizing melee combat and hunters dialing in their aim right now. This week is pretty harsh!

  34. Strong agree. It is challenging, but a refreshing change of pace.

  35. Yeah Rivals generally needs more things you can do to impede the enemy. It would honestly make a great practice ground for all sorts of penalties, they could even throw in the ascension curses from the raid with enough magatama.

  36. The ascension curses would be amazing for changing the flow of a game and would be a fun curveball to deal with as a player, imo.

  37. Would love to see more / better options for matchmaking because sometimes you don't care who you play with and other times, it would just be nice to have teammates that have at least a fraction of a clue.

  38. In theory, with well-behaved and sane players, this could be amazing for coordination and situational awareness.

  39. Absolutely my kill count matters to me as it directly correlates to my effectiveness and skill in combat as a player. The combat is why I have played the game since launch and still am almost daily. What matters to me most for my own personal performance is my kill count, how those kills were achieved/playstyle and number of downs. These are the things that test and measure you in terms of player combat skill and also build testing/effectiveness.

  40. Super well said and I couldn't agree more. Thank you for sharing this

  41. I feel the best survival games I have played in have had a near even split between the players.

  42. When the oni are supposed to shoot you they don’t sometimes! They just stare at you... menacingly.

  43. So many times I have sat there, trapped by an eye of iyo, desperately waiting, praying for one of those to attack, only for them to wait for me to die and then walk over to kick my corpse, lol

  44. Both, as Little Chunky said. Stat dmg 18% will make poison do larger ‘ticks’ of damage. This applies more status damage faster. Status duration on the other hand will make each tick of dmg do the same amount as before, but there will be more ‘ticks’ of damage as it is being applied longer. I prefer stat dmg as it piles on dps much quicker. Duration will have you waiting longer for the total damage you want to be applied, so instead of perhaps quick assassinating a target you’ll crit them instead, and the added duration of the poison will kill them instead. I’m also not entirely sure about this next bit, but i am quite sure that stat duration has a large diminishing return if you keep stacking it on different gear pieces.

  45. Have read that for fire and poison builds that damage results in greater overall results than duration, but haven't done any testing of it myself.

  46. Part of me would like to try a mode where enemies swarm a single point and it is just about how long you can hold them off vs. needing to move from point to point.

  47. Yeah I and others lobbied hard for an “endless horde” mode as you describe. Sadly SP didn’t act on it. At the very least I was hoping they could give a 15 or 25 wave option to Custom Survival….

  48. If staggering breath didn’t blow everyone around and was a faster animation similar to the weakening technique I would totally use it.

  49. You know someone thought it would just be amazing in survival when they created it, but it is mainly annoying and throws everyone else off their targets when it gets used

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