1. I'm loving immunity putting the pressure on people to get good utilizing melee combat and hunters dialing in their aim right now. This week is pretty harsh!

  2. Strong agree. It is challenging, but a refreshing change of pace.

  3. Yeah Rivals generally needs more things you can do to impede the enemy. It would honestly make a great practice ground for all sorts of penalties, they could even throw in the ascension curses from the raid with enough magatama.

  4. The ascension curses would be amazing for changing the flow of a game and would be a fun curveball to deal with as a player, imo.

  5. Would love to see more / better options for matchmaking because sometimes you don't care who you play with and other times, it would just be nice to have teammates that have at least a fraction of a clue.

  6. In theory, with well-behaved and sane players, this could be amazing for coordination and situational awareness.

  7. Absolutely my kill count matters to me as it directly correlates to my effectiveness and skill in combat as a player. The combat is why I have played the game since launch and still am almost daily. What matters to me most for my own personal performance is my kill count, how those kills were achieved/playstyle and number of downs. These are the things that test and measure you in terms of player combat skill and also build testing/effectiveness.

  8. Super well said and I couldn't agree more. Thank you for sharing this

  9. I feel the best survival games I have played in have had a near even split between the players.

  10. When the oni are supposed to shoot you they don’t sometimes! They just stare at you... menacingly.

  11. So many times I have sat there, trapped by an eye of iyo, desperately waiting, praying for one of those to attack, only for them to wait for me to die and then walk over to kick my corpse, lol

  12. Both, as Little Chunky said. Stat dmg 18% will make poison do larger ‘ticks’ of damage. This applies more status damage faster. Status duration on the other hand will make each tick of dmg do the same amount as before, but there will be more ‘ticks’ of damage as it is being applied longer. I prefer stat dmg as it piles on dps much quicker. Duration will have you waiting longer for the total damage you want to be applied, so instead of perhaps quick assassinating a target you’ll crit them instead, and the added duration of the poison will kill them instead. I’m also not entirely sure about this next bit, but i am quite sure that stat duration has a large diminishing return if you keep stacking it on different gear pieces.

  13. Have read that for fire and poison builds that damage results in greater overall results than duration, but haven't done any testing of it myself.

  14. Part of me would like to try a mode where enemies swarm a single point and it is just about how long you can hold them off vs. needing to move from point to point.

  15. Yeah I and others lobbied hard for an “endless horde” mode as you describe. Sadly SP didn’t act on it. At the very least I was hoping they could give a 15 or 25 wave option to Custom Survival….

  16. If staggering breath didn’t blow everyone around and was a faster animation similar to the weakening technique I would totally use it.

  17. You know someone thought it would just be amazing in survival when they created it, but it is mainly annoying and throws everyone else off their targets when it gets used

  18. My main gripe with MMC is that the animation is so ugly it hurts my brain to have to watch someone do it in a game.

  19. Just because you don't care doesn't mean others don't. It's part of the fun for some people and gives you something to aim for. And it is not just about kills if that's what you're thinking. I hit many stats with all my classes when I play survival so it's messed up seeing it all erased, especially on the final wave.

  20. Stealth or heavenly rebuke for damage focused runs

  21. It has been very hit and miss, but this week has been terrible for randoms bailing.

  22. The bear is very unpredictable and is best with boosted healing radius, otherwise, you have to stick very close.

  23. They definitely help and I use them, but they are not 'necessary' and a lot of folks will try to not use them for a challenge.

  24. What blocking actually does -

  25. That is interesting and good to know. Thank you for sharing this information.

  26. When this happens, whoever ends up on the wrong side can jump off a ledge and they will respawn on the correct side.

  27. I can't remember the last time I did a Ch2 without at least 1 person dying to corruption... People gotta get those kills though :/

  28. So many people seem to think the Trials are supposed to be some crazy battle royale and fail because they aren't paying attention to anything but trying to go berserker mode.

  29. There is a trophy that can be acquired if you send enough shades against an opponent in a single match, but you are correct that it is generally a gift to the other team unless they are completely new the game

  30. The game is too dependent on the people you match with.

  31. I don’t think there is. I’ve looked because I could use one to see those stupid Eyes of Iyo better. Kind of surprised they don’t have one since it seems like it should be a fundamental accessibility setting.

  32. Same. Was also just looking for a way to help with the Eyes of Iyo, but had never considered how impossible the attunements would be.

  33. The samurai ult is very dangerous, but about as precise as a sneeze.

  34. “About as precise as a sneeze 🤧 “ has me dead!!!

  35. Hachooman's Fury! Sneezy sneeze sneeze sneeze sneeze!

  36. Have given up Rivals for Trials of Iyo as you get way more rewards and less stress for about the same time investment.

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