1. I'm the guy who's compiling the stuff on the site, not the one you responded to aha. We have zarude but it's not showing up on the site due to a bug. We do need tapu fini! Ty

  2. You're so on the ball, I didn't even need to tag you lol.


  4. No. You just got a little bit unlucky. The chance of not finding Arlo in 12 leaders works out to be approximately 1/130. Having that happen isn't so unusual. For comparison, the chance of getting a full odds shiny is about 1/500.

  5. Being unlucky is indeed a possibility, that's why I didn't draw any definitive conclusions and mentioned needing more data for that. And 0.76 percent is indeed 1/130, yes. But comparing it to the full odds of a shiny is not a good way to go about it.

  6. OK. But it's still not a particularly unusual event to go 12 leaders without Arlo, and you yourself have noted that you don't have a sufficient sample size. So it seems incredibly premature to post a conspiracy theory and label it as "analysis".

  7. Just wanted to say thanks for this post - I am still referring back to it a lot

  8. I'm up to 110 hundos from trade, 48 of which are non-lucky.

  9. Oh I know. Even my relatively new iPhone 12 doesn’t work that well swapping from pogo all the time either (unless I have my plus connected, that seems to force iOS to keep it alive). But assuming the app allows for notification screen replies (similar to discord, where you don’t have to leave the app you are in to reply to messages), it is still better than having no option to acknowledge messages at all while in a raid lobby.

  10. Well, the obvious solution there is to build it into PoGo and include a way to access the communication features from the raid lobby.

  11. It would hurt ABB teams and also make it harder to come back from a lead loss. One of the best ways to recover in that scenario is to strategically sacrifice and bank on your back line beating theirs, but if the teams are fully known then whoever wins lead will know the optimal counter switch and when they should match shields, etc. to maintain alignment through to the end.

  12. I'm surprised HP wasn't at least sustainable. It had its issues, but there was a decent chunk of local PoGo players that also dabbled in it. They just didn't commit as heavily to it.

  13. The monetization made so little sense in that game, I was compelled to write

  14. I felt very similarly when PoGo first came out. It was like Niantic was allergic to money. If they had put Stardust and species specific candy in the store they could have milked SO much more out of the initial hype. It wasn't until they added Raids that there was much reason for anyone to spend. Whales bought Incubators and Lucky Eggs, but no regular player I knew spent anything.

  15. Even at the start, PoGo had a lot of room for people to craft their own goals. The basic goal is completing the pokedex, but after that you could aim to collect perfect IVs for all, or max out everything. Those things already provide huge endgame goals that most players would never come close to completing, which provides some incentive to spend, and some actual demonstrable reward for doing so. WU, on the other hand, was extremely limited on what you could do. The primary goals were completing the registries and maxing out the various skill trees, which you absolutely did not need to spend to do. In fact, in many cases players were held back by timegated events that no amount of grinding or spending could get around. After you completed everything (besides the time-gated content) there were essentially no personal goals you could pursue and no tangible benefit to spending or grinding. Heck, they didn't even display your total XP after you reached max level. In PoGo, there are still some level 50 players buying Lucky Eggs just because they like seeing that number get bigger, but even that niche incentive to pay was gone in WU.

  16. This looks like Galar-Bird prep. The G-birds were datamined recently, and now they're giving more candy and XLC chances on the K-Birds? sounds fishy.

  17. I'll wait for Galarian forms to grind the XL.

  18. The new forms will likely be in-game for a much shorter time though.

  19. Sure, but there's no need to rush. I'll chase the hundo Galarian birds and probably end up with way more XL than I know what to do with. Maybe I won't reach it in their release events, but they'll come back around eventually.

  20. 12 balls is very low nowadays. Usually I get 18+. Every throw is curved excellent. If you can't manage that consistently, go for curved greats. It'll be better than a straight excellent, IIRC. Learn to use the circle lock method for catching legendaries as it will help you be way more consistent in your throws. There are a lot of YouTube videos demonstrating it.

  21. yeah hydreigon. i was testing the energy generation via the training battle and noticed that dragon breath got to brutal swing first.

  22. The PvP system (which is what's used for the training battles) has different attack values than the PvE system (raids and gym battles).

  23. So my gym was under attack while i had the app open so i decided to defend because i want to get it to gold but when i tried going to it remotely by tapping on it my POV glitched and got stuck somewhere above my mon and i couldn't feed it a berry. Anyone knows what could have caused this?

  24. Just a weird camera issue. My guess is that it has something to do with the game expecting the gym to be a certain height, but it's shorter now due to the motivation drop from the attack. You can fix it by going to the gym's disc where you'd be able to spin it if in person, then going back down.

  25. I already made a level 50 perfect lol. Doesn't sound like this is going to be worth an ETM.

  26. That's an arbitrary definition of perfect. In practice, you can always do better. The catch rate varies based on the circle size - a circle that is just barely "excellent" is barely better than a small "great". A tiny "excellent" is harder to nail, but it has a better catch rate than that big "excellent". The actual perfect throw would be nailing the excellent throw when the circle is just 1 pixel big, but that's not something you're likely to do even once, let alone with all your throws. Thus, there's always room for improvement, and true perfection is pretty much impossible.

  27. I think the "catch 5 Pokemon" research has a good chance to give a ghost-type currently. It's rather rare right now with the event going on, however. EDIT: I am incorrect, that was a previous month.

  28. Catch 5 Pokemon rewards Baltoy, Cubone or Swinub, none of which is a ghost.

  29. You are trainer level 23, but each Pokemon has its own level, which is what those tables are about. Your Heracross is level 27. That level isn't shown explicitly anywhere in the game, but it's represented by that arc underneath the CP and above the Pokemon.

  30. So the maximum of the Arc then isn't my player level its my player level +10?

  31. Yes. That's powering up. IIRC, the maximum level for wild spawns is TL+5 when weather boosted, and +2 when not. Not sure if that's changed since the relatively recent change that let you power up to +10.

  32. I strongly disagree that you need luck to escape the "Wild West". I could see how it may be down to playstyle.

  33. I appreciate your uplifting words, but honestly I am fallen into a hole and I need to get out. But the problem is that I blacked out completely. I don’t know what team to play anymore. And these 2100 range people are playing unpredictable and they are having weird teams.

  34. If you are struggling against weird "Wild West" teams, that likely means that you need a safer, more balanced team or you need to iron out some fundamental skills. Yes, once in a blue moon you might run into a weird team that somehow perfectly counters you from start to finish. But more often those teams will just fall apart to numerous meta threats, which is why they're not meta in the first place. If you're struggling against the weird teams often, you need to have a closer look at your own team and tactics to figure out why that is. If you're unable to self-analyze that way, consider recording some matches and asking others to break things down for you.

  35. I've seen the fossils too, but Snubbull is definitely the most common of the three.

  36. I wonder how they'll introduce White Striped Basculin, since the other two are regionals split on each side of the meridian line. Hopefully it wont be regional and in the wild.

  37. Kleavor evolves from Scyther, not Scizor.

  38. My husband and I have been having that same talk. We are visiting somewhere and there is only the one stop.

  39. If you're able to get out of range, then I think it would be safe to drop one. Worst case is you can walk away for Deino and come back for Zweilous. But if you're stuck in one place like I am or the area isn't conducive for walking around (like maybe most of the spawn points are right around the pokestop) then it's a rough decision. I think I'm leaning towards not risking it, but it really sucks.

  40. See, that's one of the main issues we have too... I want shiny Deino and he wants XL candy ... so we aren't able to really work together on it like most years.

  41. Yeah for sure. Best of luck for you both!

  42. I've only had an issue once and reported it accordingly. Got 100 coins. My friend had 3 issues last week and got 200 coins each. The inconsistency is mind-boggling. Even more frustrating for me is that my last interaction with support before this was IMO a bigger issue that actually involved coins, and they gave me the run-around for a week until I gave up.

  43. Terrakion has STAB with both of those attacks, so it doesn’t really fit OP’s question.

  44. OP specifically said "or two different typed moves".

  45. "Incredibly effective" is maybe overselling it a touch. Mewtwo does alright, S-Mewtwo does better and can also hold up with other moves too. Shadow Ball is generally preferred over Dark Pulse on Darkrai despite the typing difference because SB is just that much better. Terrakion is notable against Kyurem with Smack Down and Sacred Sword. I forget but I'm sure there are others that prefer mixed type movesets against specific raid bosses.

  46. So my initial analysis was here:

  47. Only tangentially related, but out of curiosity - why does the custom meta you're using have Dragon Breath Palkia instead of Dragon Tail Palkia?

  48. That's what's on PvPoke at the moment, but I can tweak that.

  49. Huh, interesting. I just double checked. Default is Breath for Classic and Tail for Open.

  50. Contact ingame support, i got 200 coins for that

  51. I don't get the inconsistency. I had this issue and was only given 100 coins.

  52. Mine was during the go battle day maybe becouse of that?

  53. Mine was just yesterday, first time for me. But my friend had 3 issues this last week, not just on Go Battle Day, and she also got 200 coins each time.

  54. Heh, alright. Just wasn't sure because I also picked up multiple downvotes on my entirely correct answer for some reason.

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