1. Just mute them and focus on getting better in competitive. I’ve been there before.

  2. You can try trade with one of your teammates. When they die, you kill the enemy easily. Even if your teammate is bad. 200IQ

  3. I will always love the 1st movie because if the 1st movie didn't exist, we wouldn't see the beauty of the 2nd movie.

  4. Gonna be a long 2 years till Avatar 3. Hope that directors cut of 9 hours is held for the Blu ray.

  5. 2020 went by so fast and so will 2022. Before you know it, we are suddenly in December 2024 :D

  6. I can see Quaritch teaming up with the fire clan to fight against Jake and his clan 🔥

  7. Man I can’t imagine. I became a massive fan only last year so I was lucky enough to have to only wait for a year. Still was an agonizing wait though.

  8. You lucky I waited 13 years so patiently 😭 Seeing Avatar 2009 felt like yesterday

  9. It’s called Chronically online. Don’t listen to them.

  10. The soundtrack was extremely underwhelming. Hire another film score composer.

  11. Plot twist: Jake's human body is still alive. Eywa didn't transfer his consciousness; she only acted as a permanent psionic connection.

  12. 1st: Watch it with 3D!! I was wearing my own glasses and then the 3D glasses on top of if! It made everything clearer to me..

  13. The ash people with line of flames spots will make more sense! 🔥 + Maybe they will have orange/red eyes? Would be perfect.

  14. He said we have only seen the good na’vi and bad humans. In the 3rd he will show the opposite… so yeah.

  15. Oh so he becomes a Avatar/Recom in the next sequel after THAT traumatic moment from TWOW?

  16. Walk in nature, visit the ocean, take a deep dive, listen to native american music, meditate, travel around the world to explore nature, find biominenscene beach, have meaningful relationship, watch sunrise/sunset, watch the moon, learn na’vi, buy blue light for your room, buy a na’vi necklace… etc 💙 Remember what they said: Earth IS Pandora.

  17. Magic mushrooms are the closest thing to ewya.

  18. Callback my ass... This Is a CGI movie...its reused. I first thought it was a callback..buuut it became to mutch and...yeah...

  19. Maybe they used the same exact motion caption but created the CGI from scratch again?

  20. I noticed these call backs in the cinema as well!!! Thanks for making a video showing these call backs.

  21. You could use a VPN to fool hulu into thinking you're in the US. There are countless options, I think there's even some free ones out there.

  22. I did but it's asking me to subscribe before accessing the streaming content, when I did that, it rejected mine because my card is based outside the US... I'm so sad about that lol.

  23. I still don’t get his final hiss completely. Was it some sort of “I care but leave me alone!” ???

  24. Quadrich called him son and said 'let's go'. That hiss is Spider's rejection of Quadrich calling him to join the human side, also rejecting their familial bond

  25. I only know that the song from teaser trailer is extremely similar to this music from 2 years ago:

  26. I was 15 and now 28. Remember watching the 1st movie clear as a day. Left cinema feeling depressed.

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