1. Also most of Penelope Scott's songs. My friends and I were just talking about this the other day. She's the ultimate "women in STEM" artist!! We all love her

  2. I just got it! Its awesome, just as supportive for me as the normal conscious crops (and I have a large bust). I've used it for both bouldering and lounging around the house, and have gotten a lot of compliments on it

  3. I was coming here to say this! If anyone has an opportunity to go, their location in the Greenwood Village, Colorado also has an awesome fully gluten free restaurant called JustBe in it!

  4. Honestly, if you can keep it under control and use it as a strength there's no reason for you to not become a great doctor. But you have to understand that this career will put you under much more stress than you already are in. You'll have to carry a lot of painful experiences. You'll have to be strong enough to take on any situation, from breakdowns from patients to maybe losses of them.

  5. I really appreciate what you're saying. I think I'll be alright. I've talked with students from the medical school that I want to go to, who came from the same undergrad program I'm in. They'll all said that day to day, they feel more relaxed in med school (I'm not really sure how that's possible, but it makes me feel better). What worries me is residency and all the exams, since the new physical disability I have has really impacted my energy levels. That combined with the mental health stuff can be challenging to navigate.

  6. Hey if your anxiety comes from this, no doubt this career is for you. One you’ll understand that being a doctor is amazing and vital for the people, bringing your self worth way higher and two, being able to question yourself (not too much but not too little) will make you a great doctor. You’ll be able to have what we call it « esprit critique » idk in English maybe critical thinking. You always have to rethink and be able to doubt any information given to you. In my course we always have to rethink and ask ourselves for everything, even the simplest chem. You always have to make your own path, even the one the teachers taught you can be different and still right.

  7. Thank you! I really really appreciate it. Wishing you all the best too!

  8. I hate the fact that everything is becoming cropped, and I'm 22. While I do tend to wear cropped shirts or tops (like the conscious crop) under sweatshirts, or when I'm out hiking/out with friends, I need to have full length tops because I'm a STEM student and need it for labs. I originally switched from lulu to athleta because athleta had more options I can wear everyday, a better fit for my body type (I'm not a flat board like I was in highschool lol), as well as being more sustainable. I really hope they don't become like lulu.

  9. My favorite coffeeshops are Indie Coffee and Star City. Both have a lot of chargers and good wifi. I used to work at Greyhouse, but it's just too busy. Greyhouse has also been accused of being a bit sketchy with their business practices, you can read more about that on the Purdue subreddit. Reveille is a great coffee shop for the vibes, but it's small. (Edit to clarify I meant study, not that I was an employee there)

  10. Yes they are a religious org, which there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, they have been accused of being a bit shady with taxes and wages for employees (which I know a lot of business do, I just try to avoid giving them money). There's also multiple people who have reached out to campus house, they church they support, about their stance on the LGBTQIA+ community. They've never given a straight answer which doesn't sit right with me if its true. Again, its totally fine if people want to support Greyhouse, its totally their choice! Again, these are all accusations, so who knows if they're 100% true. But there are so many better coffeeshops I'd rather support. I just wanted to give OP and anyone else who reads the post a heads up so that they can do their own research and come to their own conclusion :)

  11. It's not. I tried to order it and waited 6 months for it... eventually, they just refunded my money

  12. I love your makeup and the tinsel in your hair!! It's so cool!

  13. I live at altitude and really like the Bob's red mill gf flour. The texture works super well for cookies and cakes. I will note that you have to get the kind in the blue bag though, I find the red one doesn't work at all

  14. I love the gluten free bros bites! They're great and come in a bunch of different flavors. I get them at kroger.

  15. I totally agree with this theory! I would love to see more of this sort of echoing in the future with Reagan being CEO, but since she decided to let Ron go I'm thinking that might be the turning point where she stops echoing her father, or demonstratesgrowth when encountering the same situations as him. I could see it going either way though.

  16. Oh yes I do hope it works out in a different way for her in the future. And I think you're already changing/have changed since you realised what you did wrong (?)

  17. Yeah, kinda lol. I think I always had a sense of how my dad treated people isnt the best, Ive just come to terms with it more as an adult. I stopped trying to be like my dad. I also have always tried to control my temper better than him.

  18. YTA. As someone who is only half Persian... even I can say this is normal for Persians.

  19. Do you have a passport card? That could work too and would be the same weight to carry around.

  20. Have you checked to see if you have a food allergy? This happened to me and turns out I was highly allergic to wheat.

  21. This x1000. They're the warmest bottoms I own. I'd get a new pair of with the pocket if they had better colors. Being leggings, they keep you warmer than joggers or pants, and I feel like that may be even truer for your joints.

  22. For the turtleneck how is the merino wool wearing? Is it itchy? I ski a lot and tend towards synthetic just because of wear and feel, but I'm willing to give a merino wool shirt a try again!

  23. Sorry I missed your question. I don't find it itchy but then I'm not ultra sensitive to wool. I have an older one and it's not nearly as soft as this year's.

  24. Thank you for asking the question I've been too scared to ask lol

  25. GPA is fine. Lower end of average. But that's why it's an average. High and low. Research is king for MDPhD. Sounds like you've been doing a lot of it. Which is great! Pubs arent necessary, but do look great on an application. You've got 2 so that's great. Patent is really cool too. Have you presented at any conferences or local events with a poster? Those are tangibles to show your productivity beyond pubs. And show you have an interest and ability to present research (important).

  26. Thanks! I really appreciate the words of encouragement. In terms of conference and local events, I haven't yet just because of covid and all that jazz, but I'm looking at some for the next semester for my oncology research. Maybe even the orthopedics conference with the abstracts from my job (I realize I accidentally wrote manuscript... its been a long day lol. I realize that makes my application worse since manuscripts are more important. I will definitely work towards getting more publications since they are so important). I will definitely look for more though!

  27. I think writing about how you got into bone research because your family has some joint issues is very meaningful and genuinely! I like it! As for publication, you don’t need them. Try to have abstracts and a poster presentation at least. I have 0 pubs but two first author poster presentations and I’ve had many interviews and already been accepted this cycle. Your app is solid and I think 50 hrs shadowing is enough. Just focus on how to write about your motivations and activities!

  28. I sprained my ankle a couple of years ago and had to get crutches. I could put minor pressure on it (still hurt like hell and I couldn't walk) so they tried to not give me crutches. I pushed more, especially because I have other orthopedic issues and eventually have gave me some. I don't think they ever charged me and I still have them.

  29. Theoretically, but I haven't tried. I get injured a decent amount because I have a lot of joint issues, so I haven't tried.

  30. I'm from Colorado and the biggest change for me was not having mountains. I lost my sense of direction for a bit because I used to figure out where west was by the mountains. Also the clouds move much faster in Indiana. Its kind of spooky.

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