1. Also open to getting recommendations and cost prices for getting tubes tied.

  2. Not to make it political, but I think we just went the opposite way as a nation today on the tubes tied thing..

  3. Oh yeah I totally agree it's much easier to get a vasectomy. I guess I forgot to include in my post that I'm a female and my husband would rather get the vasectomy than me get my tubes tied just because it's safer, quicker, and easier to get a doctor on board. But I would also like to get my tubes tied some day just for health reasons!

  4. Be VERY careful with weighted controllers and full extensions. You can absolutely wreck your elbow that way.

  5. I can not at age 31. Don’t give it a thought until 3-5 years down the road. About 25. Then try it again.

  6. I started viewing things as potential experiences rather than just opportunities for achievement.

  7. One of my favorite things to say during stressful, bad times or experiences is “this is life too” and it all stems from what you are saying.

  8. I am a person who, by default, worries about everything. Like I take 20+ min showers so I can run through imaginary disasters in my head, just in case.

  9. Make it worth the story. That’s the best advice I have ever gotten.

  10. I just find it really difficult to believe that this isn’t a simple case of EJ having some outside force bothering him and he took it out on the monitor guy. Here’s why……it’s called sound check. Professional sound guys take everything into account and have plan A, B, and C already worked out. Nobody leaves sound check until the artist is happy with the sound…..nobody. Former low tier musician and my money is on EJ just being EJ at the expense of whoever he feels like going off on. I think it was highly unprofessional. Who stops the song? You never stop the song, #1 rule of playing live, you soldier through the problem and act like you’ve been there before. Just my humble opinion. Cheers all

  11. A guy like Elton John is very unlikely to show up for sound check also. And if so, likely late due to the press schedule he probably has and for a 5 minute check. So, that makes things even harder.

  12. Right, I gotcha…..if he doesn’t do a 100% complete sound check to his liking, then he hasn’t any right to bitch about anything whatsoever. That’s why they normally schedule it 4-6 hours before the show. I’d love to hear what the road crew would have to say about this video, ha!

  13. I mean. This is a single video. Maybe he had been trying to fix it for multiple songs already and finally had enough. But I have worked plenty of shows where the sound check wasn’t actually done by the big level talent. If that’s what you’re getting at. I’m not totally sure.

  14. That said, I do find it annoying when we're in a fight with 4 of the same monster and after a few rounds of combat have zeroed-in on its AC only for 1 of the 4 to have higher AC.

  15. If it were a boss fight then I’d take the highest roll potential. But really, the hit dice make it way more interesting and variable

  16. I think I fell in love with the preferred look. Please don’t tell my wife.

  17. Well, his father was the navigation officer on the USS San Francisco during the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal. A direct hit on her bridge wiped out the command staff except for Lt Cmdr McCandless. He had to assume command while wounded and in the middle of one of the most desperate battles in US Naval history. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for this. His great grandfather was an outlaw who was shot by Wild Bill Hickok. So floating in space seems like a pretty natural progression for the family.

  18. Imagine going to your family reunion and being the 3rd most impressive guy after doing this.

  19. Idk I think getting shot guy goes 3rd medal of honor first, space man 2nd

  20. Wasn't natural, his stutter was the result of a traumatic brain injury nerve damage to his vocal cords. He worked it into his routine beautifully but it has been slowly fading over the years.

  21. Violin is HARD. If you can encourage lessons somewhere then do so. Even purchase it as a gift. But if you tell him he is bad it’s going to CRUSH his spirit. Guaranteed.

  22. adds to an already excessively long project list

  23. On a windy day you can turn the lows down in your EQ and cut down immensely on the wind going through a microphone. From my experience the wind could give a shit less about whatever wind sock or cover you've put over your things.

  24. Are the interior walls freestanding or magnetic?

  25. How long has it been since Pierce wasn’t number 1?

  26. In his clinic, he spoke about how it’s not the arms that should move to create the hyzer or anhyzer angle, but the hips: and subsequently the back. He showed it to the group and it made tons of sense. Then he hucked a disc a solid 500 feet like it was nothing between all the trees in the park.

  27. I learned recently that Ohio has a TON of big cities. Like, who knew? I guess I’m missing something.

  28. I’m convinced that the Ballista Pro is not really a 14 speed disc. Because I get an insane amount of distance to it as it beats in. It comes out of my hand more like a 12 speed.

  29. You'll probably get the best results out of an understable 7-9 speed, something like a leopard, crave, essence, river, maybe heat.

  30. I would’ve said similar. Start at 7-9 and work a way up. I’d also recommend a Maverick or an Escape. The Escape is SNEAKY good and underrated IMO.

  31. Perhaps a Captain? I threw a Beast maybe a couple times. But my Captains are like what you’re saying your Beast does.

  32. Focus on form to make sure you aren’t rounding. But also, the Getaway from Dynamic Discs might be a good option for you. I have a dozen of them. You can put a lot on them and they are stable enough not to flip over, but not a meat hook.

  33. Skyy Moore. Really liked him as a prospect and was hoping the chargers would draft him as the speed/YAC threat. So going to the chiefs is an even better fit unfortunately.

  34. I’m going to be excited to see how he does for sure.

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