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  1. A city of ~15,000 just lost 15 people 16 if we count the shooter. Everyone Is 7 degrees from a victim to day in that city. But This Sandy Hook Part 2 wont change any thing. We can yell into the void and beg for help and change. I live in fear of the day the High School up the rode from me becomes a headline.

  2. My family call me crazy for wanting to leave the country before I have my own kids, but why would I knowingly raise them in a country where school shootings not only happen, but happen in elementary schools? I would rather not worry about my kids’ safety every time they go to school. Fuck the shooter, and FUCK the politicians who look at things like this and don’t change anything.

  3. Well then stop voting for fucking republicans and pretending like this is a both sides issue

  4. Both sides suck, but only one of them is making laws to control my body. I’d rather vote for a shady democrat than literal fascists. It’s a race to the bottom, but democrats are taking a bicycle while republicans are riding in the Bombardier’s Global 8000 jet.

  5. Yeah that’s weird. I don’t get the height thing. I know so many people who don’t date guys shorter than 6’? I get it if they want a bf taller than them, that’s understandable, but 6’0 is such an arbitrary mark. My boyfriend is 6’5 (a foot taller than me) and he’s TOO tall for me lol.

  6. I would be caught dead before I stayed with someone who didn’t believe I deserved rights. My ex was like that and the second he revealed his true colors, he was out the door. Don’t settle for anything less than respect. He doesn’t believe women deserve voting rights? I can’t even imagine how he treats you on a normal basis.

  7. It’s not just the low self esteem, but it’s the lack of effort they put into fixing it. Like I have super low self esteem and hate myself 80% of the time, but I don’t make it someone else’s problem and I actively do things to work on it.

  8. I’m not a man, but I initiated everything with my boyfriend and we’ve been together for almost 7 months. I asked him out but neither of us were sure it was a date. Then at the end he gave me a kiss on the cheek. I deadass said “fuck this” and kissed him. He’s not shy, but he gets really nervous with girls and wanted to make sure he wasn’t getting the wrong idea and didn’t do something that would make me uncomfortable.

  9. you asked him out first? or were the one who started talking to him first?

  10. I asked him out first. We kinda started talking at the same time lol

  11. If you're American and your kid is going into kindergarten without already knowing the alphabet there may be other issues or challenges going on that just might be more important than whether or not the school uses inclusive language...

  12. Yeah I was learning the alphabet in like preschool. Kindergarten was reading and writing

  13. He was going at it pretty hard with his fingers. When he was done he went in for some mouth action and I queefed really loudly right in his face. We laughed and then he pushed on my abdomen to make me do it again and again. We literally were cry-laughing. Didn’t end up screwing that night, but it was a really funny day. Every so often he’ll push on my abdomen after fingering me to get a queef out.

  14. My sister works in food. She says people who sit on the same side of booths are only a little annoying because she has to reach over people. It’s actually kinda cute that they wanna sit next to each other. They’re definitely not the “worst customers.”

  15. Can confirm partially, I always ate stuff off the floor as a kid and would also eat any leaf or plant. I get sick once every 2 or 3 years and havent thrown up since I was 12

  16. Same except I threw up once last year when I took the wrong combination of meds lol

  17. My fiance leaving me. Realistically I know he won't - but I still fear that he'll up and leave one day.

  18. I feel the same with my boyfriend. It’s best to keep in mind that you have no control over what they do. Enjoy every moment you spend with them and assume they’re enjoying that time as well. It’s really hard to do, I know, but even if you can manage to live 10% of the time not worrying about it, a huge weight is lifted off your shoulders.

  19. “Kids these days are so sensitive.”

  20. Those “I’ll show you how the 1% lives” dates with rich guys. Most boring dates and most annoyingly boring dude I’ve ever met in my damn life. -100/10 don’t recommend.

  21. What do those guys even talk about? Stocks and tax breaks?

  22. Wow that is objectively worse. I’d take a convo about stocks and taxes over that any day lol

  23. If he’s too tired to finish you after sex, then he can make you finish before sex.

  24. A pet peeve of mine is when they beg to be complimented more but refuse to compliment each other. They only view it as meaningful if it comes from a woman they find attractive, apparently. So not only do women mostly compliment each other, it’s now our job to compliment everyone while men either compliment no one or just use them as an attempt to get their dick wet

  25. Literally. Like I’ve found women as a whole compliment other women very frequently. Most of the compliments I’ve received were from women. Men just complain we don’t compliment them too (even though doing so could put us into the potentially dangerous situation of a man thinking we’re interested in them).

  26. This is one of the things that need to be talked about before hand. “Hey I really want to wake you up with with a nice surprise but wasn’t sure if would be ok with it” (Also I heard of a morning sloppy toppy but not a full ride)

  27. Exactly. Nothing wrong with it as long as consent has been established beforehand.

  28. Communicating with my loved ones. It’s not super small, but it’s simple.

  29. I made the first move with my boyfriend. I asked him out to get food (I was too scared to ask him out on a date, so this was the next best thing). We went back to his house after and I initiated our first kiss. If I’m absolutely positive that someone else is interested in me then I go for it. There are a lot of girls like me

  30. I don’t share photos. I will never share photos. I have talked about it in very graphic detail, though.

  31. As long as you aren’t going around shaming women who aren’t skinny, then no. It’s when you project your preference onto people and shaming them for not fitting it that it becomes a problem.

  32. I also need to CC shop but now you've got me wondering if my husband will notice lmao 👀

  33. LMFAO love that he knows you so well

  34. My boyfriend and I both have shaky relationships with our parents. We’ve both received our fair share of “nobody wants a girl with daddy issues” and “men who treat their moms poorly are red flags” comments. It’s not fair and it genuinely hurts.

  35. I saw that you said it changed recently. A big sign of bacterial vaginosis is a strong vaginal odor. I had it and it sucks. Politely tell her that you’ve noticed a change in her vaginal odor and you’re worried it may be a medical issue. BV treatment is super easy and she’ll be grateful you said anything.

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