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  1. Have 2 One-Time United Passes. Passes say it expires November 2023, but I'm going to downgrade my Explorer card on 11/31/22 so the passes may be canceled by then.

  2. A wall clock for my bathroom. Saw it in an ADHD hacks video and it’s been a godsend. Has prevented me from being late SO many times. Especially if you’re a girl who takes time to get ready like me

  3. It’s probably not, it’s probably better to get professional help.

  4. Actually you’re incorrect, this is an ADHD thing for me. Even with professional help and medication people with ADHD struggle with time management and deadlines and need all the hacks, support, and workarounds we can get to function as well as neurotypical people. What we don’t need is more judgment and hearing “it’s a habit thing” this a disability, not a personal failing. Remember that next time you turn your nose up at someone for their chronic “bad habits.”

  5. High dosed tabs, although rare, do exist

  6. What do you mean by “sanity?” I’m trying it for the first time tomorrow and need to be on my a game at work Tuesday 😅

  7. There are cash advance apps that will lend you money $50-250 with no interest: earnin, klover, possible, Dave, Brigit,

  8. I am really triggered at meetings. I have an extremely hard time hearing people who either have a partner (have consistent sex) or just broke up (have had consistent sex with a partner recently) talk about their problems. I know in my rational mind that relationships are not perfect, but I am so fucking jealous and I know they're only sad because they want more than anything to avoid being in my shoes! (single and celibate). I often feel worse after. I kind of want to die just mentioning it lol.

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